How Mike Baur has Revolutionized the Swiss Startup Factory to Gain International Acclaim

Mike Baur is a co-founding member of the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF), an accelerator program for aspiring entrepreneurs. The company has focused mainly on digital entrepreneurs who prove to have ideas that could revolutionize the world of business and social life at large. Swiss Startup Factory provides amazing opportunities and a network for entrepreneurs in Switzerland and various places around the globe.

Those who are accepted into the company are taken through a three-month accelerator program, which provides them with coaching, an ideal platform of services, mentoring and office space located in heart of Zurich.

Digital business strategy
Every business should embrace digitization to allow for efficiency and to raise overall performance. Internalizing digital trends will not only keep a business on track, but also enhance efficiency. The Swiss Startup Factory takes this into consideration when nurturing ideas and talents.

The company invites professionals in various areas of business and technology to impart important knowledge that will help the students to manage their business effectively. This process includes the identification of the potential of a business, so when it is verified the idea is tenable, one is provided with expert support during the implementation of the digital transformation.

The Swiss Startup Factory is committed to supporting extraordinary talent in Switzerland and beyond. This support has been extended through partnerships with premier academic institutions in Switzerland. The pre-accelerator program includes coaching, which is handled by leading business experts who are SSUP partners.

The support also includes product development and market research to ensure the entrants are equipped fully for the competitive market. Additionally, the pre-accelerator offers professionally taught pitch training and marketing support. There are professional accountants and IT experts who offer guidance on different areas of business.

Mike Baur and his effort in SSUP
Mike Baur, who boasts of 20 years’ experience in the Swiss banking industry, is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who also supports startups and talented individuals to implement their ideas. Mike is a founding member of the Swiss Startup Factory and his support in the start-up accelerator program has been key by ensuring more tenable ideas are nurtured.

Mike Baur is a University of Rochester alumnus. He graduated with an MBA from the same institution before he earned his executive MBA from the University of Bern. He invests most of his time and resources in youth entrepreneurship and works as a mentor supporting various Swiss startups.

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Mike Baur and His Successful Start-Up Company

Mike Baur Overview

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is a co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Startup Factory is a company that deals with the acceleration of entrepreneurs. They look for successful digital entrepreneurs to work with. The company was initiated in 2014. Prior to co-founding and managing Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur worked in the banking industry for more than two decades. Some of the banks he worked for include UBS and Clariden Leu. He transitioned into the start-up business by investing in start-up companies. Baur received credit from the Wall Street Journal during December of 2016 for his dedication as an entrepreneur.

Baur is based out of Zurich, Switzerland. He provides funding advice to potential investors. He has experience in funds and start-ups, making him a well-rounded investor.

During an interview with a Swiss media outlet, Bar stated that the best businesses start with a fantastic idea. He said that spontaneous ideas usually end of being the most successful ones. He stated that many people have good ideas, but they do not act upon them, therefore they do not generate success from those thoughts.

During the interview, Mike Baur said to trust within yourself and never be scared to fail. He advises entrepreneurs to ignore those who speak against one’s goals. He recommends sharing one’s idea to analyze the response amongst others. He pointed out that if goals are shared amongst trusted peers, they can become inspired, and can therefore help you achieve your goal. He says that creating a team around you that shares the same end-goal speeds up the process faster rahter than with just one person.


Baur and Meister

During a different interview, Mike Baur and his business partner Max Meister speak on the creation of their company, Swiss Startup Factory. Their company has helped many entrepreneurs with the funding they needed to strategically advance their businesses. The idea for their company was sparked from a noticeably missing link in the marketplace. They felt a company like theirs was needed to further entrepreneurs and investments.

The two partners describe their days as busy, full of meetings and interactions with entrepreneurs. They also commented on the vital importance of research analysis. They aim to spend a few hours a day with their market researchers. They firmly stated that a company needs to have a strong backbone foundation for success.


José Auriemo Neto: Getting High Quality Real Estate Training

Are you looking for a way to make money in real estate? Do you want to run a successful real estate investing business and achieve financial freedom? If you want to start your own real estate investing business, you need to learn from an expert. There are many real estate coaches and mentors out there but it’s crucial to consult someone who is well known for rendering excellent guidance to clients.

In Brazil, José Auriemo Neto comes highly recommended. José Auriemo Neto has great expertise in the field and has been helping many people learn how to start and run a successful real estate investing business. He is passionate about advising and guiding newbies on their way to reaching their goals.

Running a real estate investing business is not for the impatient. It requires thorough knowledge of the industry and commitment. Closing deals take time to understand, and it’s important to learn how things work in this business. There’s a process to learning effective real estate investing strategies and achieving success. Aside from getting a real estate license or credentials, you will need to learn how to make money in this business.

Many people want to get into the lucrative field of real estate investing but do not know how to get started. That’s where an expert like José Auriemo Neto can help. Numerous experienced real estate investors turn to José Auriemo Neto for help in taking their business to the next level.

José Auriemo Neto has a lot of experience in the industry and works closely with his clients to ensure their success. Any ambitious person who wants to learn what works and what to avoid in this business, should consult someone who has a proven track record in the field. You’ll want to contact José Auriemo Neto to learn more about his services and how he can help you.

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Susan McGalla Has Taken The Pittsburgh Steeler Pro Shop Experience To The Next Level

For the the Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the NFL’s longest running franchises, giving their fans a great experience is about more than just putting a winning team on the field. They also want to win them over with memorabilia and souvenirs that capture what the team is all about, and that’s what marketing expert Susan McGalla does in the business wing. She recently spearheaded a project that led to the pro shop having even more fun exhibits and an enhanced shopping experience designed to make the fans feel they were coming onto the field and taking part of the action. From terrible towels to jerseys, home products, jewelry, children’s toys and a lot of other merchandise, the pro shop has had its visitors raving about it on social media. McGalla has used her previous experience in improving retail shopping for customers to do so for the Steelers.

Susan McGalla is a graduate of Mount Union College in Ohio and she started her marketing and branding career as a consultant for the Joseph Horne Company. She joined American Eagle Outfitters about 7 years later, and here she began by being in charge of the women’s apparel merchandising and inventory as a regional manager. She started inputting ideas and showing her coworkers in American Eagle’s corporate offices that her ideas could take the company a long way, so she was promoted to a role on the executive committee first as chief merchandising officer and then as president. As president, she helped start the Aerie stores for women and the children’s brand at 77kids, and by the time her tenure ended American Eagle had changed customer demographics from being dominated by males to now being all-inclusive and attractive for females.

One thing Susan McGalla emphasized during her time at American Eagle Outfitters was that even though she made the company brand more appealing to women, she never considered her promotion to president as breaking any glass ceiling as a woman. To her, everyone who does their job at a company and gets to where they do in life should just be treated as a person and not with a gender label. In addition to her role in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ business department, McGalla also is a former member of HFF, Inc., and she runs an independent consulting gig known as P3 Executive Consulting.

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Kamil Idris Warns of Imminent World War

In JASTA and a Third World War, released by UK Book Publishing in 2017, Kamil Idris discusses the implementation of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act and the effects it may have on the current political mood. Idris argues that this judicial act will only create animosity between the United States and the other democratic countries of the world.

The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, or JASTA, was passed in 2016, despite previously being vetoed by President Barack Obama. The act granted the federal court the power to hold foreign states responsible for acts of terrorism that cause harm to people, property, or businesses. It also states that charges can be filed against diplomats who participate in wrongful acts while employed by a foreign state, partially nullifying diplomatic immunity. JASTA does not, however, apply to acts of war.

Kamil Idris, a former diplomat, compares the current political and national climate to that of the pre-WWI and pre-WWII eras, distinguishing important similarities that could be signs of imminent war.

The international reaction to JASTA also plays a part in Idris’ theory. The act has been condemned by numerous world ministries. Spokespeople have stated that it violates international law and that it is a hard blow to the diplomatic foundation of international affairs. Kamil Idris expands on these statements, arguing that the act may cause foreign states to defend themselves in the face of civil suits. He also points out that the act may have negative effects for the US, as it may lead other countries to respond to civil suits with legal action of their own.

Furthermore, Kamil Idris utilizes JASTA and a Third World War to argue that JASTA endangers democracy itself. He asserts that foreign states may face dramatic political changes if citizens find their countries inundated with foreign civil suits.

Kamil Idris is the President of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation and former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization. He has authored or coauthored more than a dozen books. Born in Sudan, he holds law degrees from the University of Khartoum and Geneva University.

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NGP VAN: Digital 8 Makes Campaign’s User Friendly

NGP VAN is a big player in campaign organization for candidates from one end of the ballot to the other, for campaigns big and small in a very affordable program. The Political Campain Features:

  • Fundraising Management
  • Mapping
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Progressive
  • Volunteer Management
  • Voter Database, and other options

With Digital 8 by NGP VAN, you can send emails containing different content to various recipients based on information previously gathered by members across all NGP VAN tools. Contained in Digital 8, NGP VAN has included a great dashboard feature called the ActBlue Tracker feature that allows you to see donation and conversation statistics from across your ActBlue pages. Digital 8, boasts of bigger conversion rates and the ability to piggyback the FastAction Network that contains millions of Action profiles.

Among these features, Digital 8 by NGP VAN contains more functions like social media integration and matching with real-time up to the minute data. Even seeing the full scope of activity in ways that help explain what is occurring with your campaign is easy with bar graphs, line graphs, area charts, and pie charts. Everything you do with your campaign is editable and customizable. When an activity is updated, started or ended you set the variable on who receives this information. Digital 8 uses the drop and drag technology that you’re most familiar with so creating is easy even with the most inexperienced user. With any program, sharing information needs to be quick and easy. NGP VAN has made Digital 8 mobile responsive. This not only allows you to check in to your dashboard from anywhere but also gives you most of the functionality you get on the desktop format.

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Award-winning movie star “Penns” new novel: the making of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff by Sean Penn

On April 4 of this year Oscar-winning actor and director Sean Penn was interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine on his recent publication, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a satirical novel centered around the life of a middle-aged man named Bob Honey, who subsists on odd-jobs ranging from selling septic tanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses to killing elderly people with a wooden mallet. As these job titles suggest, the novel depicts a series of violent misadventures experienced by the protagonist.

In this interview, Sean Penn reveals that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a satirical take on his own views on the current political climate; the novel is intended to be read like a “snapshot” of political sentiment in the United States, with the protagonist serving as a symbol of loneliness and isolation.

Although the interviewer pointed out that an excerpt in the back of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff compared Sean Penn’s writing to the likes of Terry Southern and Thomas Pynchon, Penn denies any influence by these authors and does not recall readingt their work, claiming that the section was written by someone else. Penn attributes his writing style to himself; basically, he is a product of his own making. Like his time in cinema, his mindset while writing the novel was one of individuality: it was crucial to him that the voice in the novel was entirely his and not strongly reflective of any other writer.

Indeed, when asked about his motive behind publishing this book, Penn gushed over the enjoyment of the writing process. He prefers it over his recent experiences in filmmaking, pointing out that he is not confined by collaboration with others in writing this novel. Through the writing process, he was able to find humor whereas he felt other parts of his life wanting in that respect. He hopes that rather than overanalyze his novel and politicize it, readers will just enjoy the bool for what it is: satire.

To buy the book, you can find it on amazon.

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The Fagali’I Airport – Book A Flight To Apia This Upcoming Season

The Fagali’I airport is your favorite little airport of Samoa. Located just a few minutes from the beautiful city of Apia – the capital of Samoa. Entailing, great customer service, a clean facility, on-time flights, sufficient traveling accommodations and much more. After a visit to the Fagali’I airport, who can ever forget it?

Located just a short bike ride from Apia. Apia is one of the highest rated vacation spots in the world. Filled with beautiful Samoan people of rich culture. Filled with beaches, fresh Samoan foods, dancing, parties, museums, shopping and more. The weather averages 85 degrees all year long and the scenery is amazing. During the winter time, Apia can get very busy with vacationers from all over the world. The Fagali’I airport is where the majority of Apia’s visitors land for a jumpstart into the city. This is where you’d get a first impression of the Samoan culture and community.


Customer service is a huge deal with the Fagali’I airport. Every customer counts and when you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a visit at the airport, you’ll know how? To give a brief description, a visitor arrives into a clean airport and is immediately greeted. If there is anything that the customer service representative can help you with, they will be more than happy to assist according to Meaning, if you need help carrying a bag, no worries. If you need an escort to a restroom, no problem. Need directions to a nearest hotel, guess what? directions are gladly given. The sky’s the limit and the extraordinary customer service staff at the Fagali’I airport will provide and are sufficient, to say the least.

There was a point in time when the Fagali’I airport was short on traveling accommodations. This was many years ago and was a rude awakening for the airport. Because of their lack, customers refused to land at the airport and boy did they lose revenue. They had to do something and do something fast. And, so they did. Today, the Fagali’I airport includes more than enough traveling accommodations for its guests to get around. Taxis, buses, shuttles, the list goes on. The Fagali’I airport is up and running very well and guests are completely satisfied with its business.

Book a flight to the Fagali’I airport today and take advantage of great ticket prices this upcoming season.

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How The AIA Says Architects Can Make the World a Better Place

     Robert Ivy, the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, has put forth a unique and challenging concept: Architects should stop looking at the buildings they create as mere objects, and start looking at them as elements of social change. To make this concept more accessible, Ivy has broken it down into actionable steps that he shared with interviewers from

How Can Architecture Affect Public Health?

Ivy put forth the example of Central Park in New York as a notable moment when architects found a way to improve public health. The park’s designers built it in a part of the city where disenfranchised people were living. The park brought the development that has become famous worldwide, but its initial purpose was to be a clean, safe space for people to exercise. Ivy suggests that future architects can build on this idea, putting thought into how their designs can improve the condition of the people occupying them. In addition, thoughtful materials selection in design can go a long way toward improving public health, according to Robert Ivy.

The Responsibility of Architects

Ivy reiterated the mantra of those in the architectural field, to promote health, safety, and welfare, but pointed out that many professionals had heard it repeated so often that it had lost its meaning. He credited the new generation of architects with an increased drive to find ways to improve the world with their art. He suggested careful consideration in the creation of buildings, especially where those buildings impact the lives of the disadvantaged. He also suggested building on the momentum of the next generation by introducing a hackathon, to find ways to integrate software and apps into buildings and architectural designs.

The Power of Collaboration

Toward the end of the interview, Robert Ivy pointed out how important interdisciplinary collaboration can be. Professionals from other fields, including doctors, scientists, and nonprofit leaders can offer insights and perspective that can spark truly great design concepts.

With the leadership of Robert Ivy and his team at the AIA, architects are beginning to regain their initiative to improve the world around them. Architecture professionals are exploring new technologies, and the future of the architecture industry looks brighter than ever before.

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PSI Pay, An Alternative Banking Wallet

The e-wallet or e-purse is brand new for the digital age. There are two basic models of e-wallet. The “American” model works on the assumption that someone wants to buy goods online. American payment society is different from British payment culture in that transactions are like for like. Account discretion and security would probably also house a loyalty program. If you buy something online, the merchant is going to present the buyer with a number of payment options including a wallet. To define an e-wallet, e-wallets allow storage of multiple credit card and bank account numbers in a secure environment, which does not require entering account information.

E-wallets allow for secure payments. There is no stored value, which means that a monetary value is stored on the credit card itself, these cards are not like debit cards where money is on the deposit with the issuer whereas credit cards have credit limits imposed. Having to buy something online means that certain merchants would include a wallet next to normal payment card options. The pay by wallet situation is settled by the wallet operator using a pre-agreed upon deposit option. Many organizations use a wallet to push through transactions.

Contact-less payments can also be made with a ceramic ring from a company called Kerv. The person wearing the ring can use money from a linked account to pay for goods or services. The ring is held six inches away from a merchant’s contactless card reader. Kerve Wearables successfully uses crowdfunding to raise the money that helped them develop that technologically advanced payment ring. The London-based firm broke records regarding their fundraising goals. PSI-pay has innovative payment structures that they rely on along with their service orientation to be “open-minded” and “responsive” according to Kerv founder Phil Campbell. Kerv rings, in addition, have multiple finger sizes when the user keeps in mind the purpose of the Kerve rings.


Mastercard approved the ring for use in 2017. The European wallet model, on the other hand, uses ATM access unlike American e-wallet systems, which are all online currency. The American e-wallet model, according to PSI Pay, lends to finances and account discretion. E-money accounts are not allowed to offer credit because there is no overdraft. They are not allowed to allow interest to compound on outstanding account balances. Funds must be ring-fenced intractable, safeguarded under European Union deposit protection rules. The ‘wallet’ operator stores funds for future transactions or for multiple transactions.

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Kamil Idris: Champion for Intellectual Property Rights

In the world of today, globalization is a frequently occurring word to explain the ever shrinking distance between global actors. From the coffee bean farmer in Colombia selling his coffee via Starbucks in America, to Indian call centers servicing helplines of western companies, citizens of the world are more connected in the last ten years than they were in the entirety of human history. And with that new connection brought about mainly through the digital age and especially the internet, a new name for an old concept moves to the forefront, intellectual property and the rights that accompany it. Intellectual property is defined by the everyday dictionary as a work or invention that is the result of creativity. This could be a manuscript or a design, and often the inventor or creator will apply for a patent, copyright or trademark to establish and protect their claim to an idea. But what happens when two people develop the same idea in two different parts of the world? Kamil Idris speaks extensively on the problems that we face in the digital age surrounding personal privacy, social media, and intellectual property.


Find his book on

Enter in Dr. Kamil Idris a Sudanese national, former diplomat, and international civil servant who graduated with LLB honours from Faculty of Law at the University of Khartoum. He received his PhD in international law from Geneva University in Switzerland. Dr. Idris isthe former director general for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) based in Geneva.

Recently Dr. Idris was interviewed by Venture Outsource on the subject of intellectual property rights and what the future of globalization means for said rights. Dr. Idris spoke about how important intellectual property rights are for the development of companies and their economies. One of the hallmarks of american ingenuity has always been the dream of creating something that will bring great wealth to its creator or inventor. That dream only becomes a reality when governments create laws to protect these rights of ownership. Dr. Idris spoke about the problems of counterfeiting and piracy and the importance of protecting these rights beyond one country’s border. Indeed his organization works to bring different individuals and groups together to protect these rights internationally. He strongly advises companies to work closely with lawyers and other professionals with an in depth knowledge of the different intellectual property rights found around the world. It is predicted that the value of electronic and electronic based commerce will be in the trillions of dollars and will involve many aspects of intellectual property rights and require new policies to oversee them.

Find the original text on Fordham’s website.

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