The Luxury Property Developments of Zeco Auriemo and JHSF

If you have an interest in Brazil’s world of luxury real estate, then the name Zeco Auriemo is one that you should be aware of. He has been leading JHSF quite well as its chief executive officer, and the board of directors also benefits significantly from his opinions as a chairman. When it comes to luxury properties, no company in Brazil does a better job than JHSF, and both the Cidade Jardim shopping mall and the Fasano Hotel are shining examples of this organization’s work.

Cidade Jardim is where some of the best luxury retail brands around have stores in Sao Paulo, and there are also special events held at this building. Not too long ago, there was an opening party for Rene Caovialla, which sells high-quality Italian shoes. Its founding father, Edoardo Caovilla, was quite impressed by the dinner that Zeco Auriemo held to celebrate the opening.

Brazil, however, isn’t the only nation getting to enjoy the efforts of Zeco Auriemo in luxury real estate. The United States is also home to one of his outstanding properties, and New York City is where this building was erected. The 5th Avenue luxury property is one of the most prestigious residential buildings in the area, and it appears that the property’s $32 million building budget was put to excellent use. the architect, Timothy Greer, created a stunning design for the building.

An exclusive, private airport in Sao Paulo is also the work of Zeco Auriemo, and its name is the Catarina Executive Airport. It has been in business for a few years now, and business jets like the famous Bombardier Global Express are easily accommodated at this property.

Talos Energy Dominates The Gulf Of Mexico Oil And Gas Game

When it comes to seeking out locations that have the potential to produce millions of barrels of oil, Talos Energy is at the head of the class. Before their debut in 2012, The current founders of Talos Energy successfully grew and sold two oil and gas companies; One was Phoenix Exploration Co and the other Gryphon Exploration Company. Since then, Talos Energy has taken massive steps in making their presence known in the Gulf of Mexico.

Last year, as the city of Houston and surrounding areas of Texas, were being battered by the wind and rain of Hurricane Harvey, CEO of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan, was negotiating for a merger with Stone Energy. Stone Energy Corporation is also a Texas-based oil and gas exploration unit; However, they failed to keep their head above water in the Gulf of Mexico as they claimed bankruptcy. Though the company came with a deficit of $700 million, shareholders can find relief in the fact that Stone Energy also comes with $2.3 billion in assets. Using updated seismic data, Talos Energy was able to find better drilling positions in the wells previously owned by Stone, and are now producing up to 16,000 barrels of oil a day.

Talos Energy had no intention of stopping there. Recently, they placed bids for all 14 of the locations up for grabs at the federal lease sale. Fortunately, they were able to obtain all 14 blocks, eight of which are shallow water and the other six being deep water locations. The total cost of all blocks totaled to $5.3 million and equated to 75,000 net acres of space in the Gulf of Mexico. Another massive feat that the company recently conquered was obtaining a preliminary contract with Pemex in Mexico. No other deal like this has ever happened in the past, so in a sense, Talos Energy is making history right here in Houston, Texas! They were able to seal the deal with Pemex when they gave information collected from their Zama-1 well. The Area-7 shallow water location hosts a deposit that could produce 1.2 billion to 1.8 billion barrels of oil in total. It was this fact that sealed the deal with Pemex and gave Talos Energy yet another stronghold in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Herbalife Fits Right

Kicking off with the new faculty year, the design project is a part of a special advanced study software, global production & Product development, in which FIDM college students will develop a line of activewear for Herbalife nutrients’ independent distributors. participating FIDM college students can be divided into teams and challenged to layout and build a cohesive activewear series that embodies a wholesome and energetic lifestyle. the scholars will gift their designs, along with subject matter, hues, cloth and manufacturing, and sourcing strategy, to the Herbalife vitamins group and FIDM college contributors. the scholars’ final project would require the whole team to illustrate how they will products the character student concepts as a cohesive series. further to the institution tasks, each pupil will have the opportunity to take part in creating their very own design

FIDM is one of the pinnacle design and style colleges within the global, and shares a like-minded dedication to innovation and excellence, making them a thrilling partner for this layout assignment,” said wealthy Goudis, CEO of Herbalife nutrition. “Our collaboration on this challenge provides an opportunity for the subsequent generation of creatives to develop garb stimulated by means of our marketers and personnel who are motive driven to assist human beings to lead a more healthy and happier lifestyle.

More than 15 students have been selected via FIDM school and body of workers to participate in international production & Product improvement. the program has begun and keeps thru past due spring 2019.

“that is the twenty-sixth yr that FIDM has partnered with an international emblem to create a design opposition for our college students,” said Barbara Bundy, VP of favor Institute of layout & vending. “Herbalife nutrition joins corporations along with Nike, who’ve knowledgeable and challenged our students in new and provoking approaches, and we are excited to paintings with the Herbalife nutrition crew to develop activewear that underscores the optimism and empowerment customers garner from living their pleasant, wholesome and active lifestyles.”

As part of the mission, college students will immerse themselves within the worldwide client marketplace and behavior intra-intensity studies to wholly understand the millennial customer, the lifestyle of the Herbalife nutrition impartial Distributor and the global attain and have an impact on of athletes. As part of the route, college students will have the possibility to travel to worldwide design hubs—from Milan to Paris, take part in operating classes with Herbalife nutrition, as well as talk with Herbalife vitamins leaders from around the world and attend the employer’s annual assembly in Houston.

Herbalife nutrients is a worldwide multi-degree advertising enterprise that develops, markets, and sells nutrition supplements, weight control, sports nutrients, and private-care products.

David McDonald Focuses On Sustainability

David McDonald wants to change how the food processing industry thinks about its product. Currently, the food processing industry is maintaining the status quo. Meat processing isn’t going out of business, and restaurants continue to demand fresh supplies. The sustainability of this model isn’t a topic in the food processing industry. David McDonald wants to bring more attention to sustainability, and he wants to use OSI Group to lead the way. Creating a more ecologically conscious approach to business is going to be challenging. The outline of what that model is going to look like is in its early stages.

As president of OSI Group, David McDonald has made the company into an international empire. The food processor has acquired property across the world, and it continues to expand its influence on international markets. Recent acquisitions of food processors like Baho Foods have helped the food processor expand into Europe. McDonald understands the need to think about what your next move is going to be. These companies understand the European market, and they can handle issues OSI Group can’t. In the bigger picture, McDonald is setting up everything he needs to test his sustainability model.

Sustainability is a trending topic in the business world. The food processing industry needs to find a more efficient way to operate. David McDonald wants to shift the direction of his company. OSI Group is the world’s largest supplier of protein, and other food processing companies are following their example. If OSI Group is sustainable, other companies are going to create their own sustainability model. This company has more than 100 years of history under its belt, but it still has more to do. OSI Group’s Spain Plant Doubles Chicken Output with Recent Expansion. David McDonald has overseen the transformation of OSI Group into its current form. Now, he wants to see the company change again.

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Felipe Montoro Jens on Infrastructural Works

He is an infrastructural expert and has been active in the sector for many years. The National Confederation of Industry conducted a study that sought to analyze the infrastructural works in the country. The data used was for the year 2017 and was obtained from the Ministry of Planning. According to the report, about 2,796 work projects in the country have paralyzed. It further shows that a significant number of them are from the infrastructural sector. Felipe Montoro Jens reported that the projects have an estimated cost of R $ 10.7 billion. Most of the infrastructural projects were meant to improve sanitation. Read more about Montoro Jens at

The infrastructure specialist reported that most of the works stall during the implementation stage. According to the statistics from the report, thirty of the projects are highways, sixteen airports, five railways while others are waterways and ports. The author of the report reveals that there is a need to invest more resources into the sector. The Brazilian government sets aside about 2% of the Gross Domestic Product to cater to the infrastructure annually. A lot of resources meant for the sector are misused as some of the initiated projects are shut down before they are utilized by the members of the public.

Felipe Montoro Jens expresses his concern over the interruption of crucial infrastructural projects such as day-care facilities, schools, and sports facilities despite the fact that they are less complex and cheap to complete. According to the report, some of the main challenges in the progress of the projects include technical issues, financial constraints, and disputes in land ownership. According to one of the researchers the CNI, Ilana Ferreira, most of the projects are stalled due to technical problems. According to the government, there was a need to stop its spending as a precautionary measure due to the economic crisis that was experienced in the country.

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Betsy DeVos Cares About Education – Here’s How

Roundtable’s four-times-yearly digital and print publication Philanthropy was lucky enough have its interview request with Betsy DeVos granted in 2013. Although Ms. DeVos wasn’t the Secretary of the United States Department of Education until early last year – in early February 2017 – her views have remained the same since her April 2013 interview with Philanthropy.


You probably haven’t read that interview yet, even though it’s five-plus years old – but that’s OK. Let’s talk about some of what Philanthropy’s interview with Betsy DeVos touched on.


Outside of school vouchers, Betsy DeVos is very much interested in granting students the ability to attend school wherever they want


Students of public schools are required to attend those – more or less – closest to them. Although they can attend schools, in some cases, of their choice by paying the out-of-area schools an often-substantial fee, most students’ families simply can’t afford to absorb such costs.


While students in densely populated areas can sometimes choose where they want to attend school, this isn’t always the case.


The worst thing about assigning young people to attend certain schools is that it does not promote competition among them, in turn not incentivizing them to offer the best possible opportunities to students.


Betsy DeVos feels that one of the most powerful strategies of reforming public education here in the United States is granting students the freedom to attend schools outside of their government-granted radius.


Remember the fees talked about earlier? These fees are to cover what those out-of-area students’ costs of attendance would tack on to what those schools’ local governments don’t provide them with. With such fees, out-of-area students can’t “freeload” off of the limited dollar amounts of public funding that public and charter schools receive. In order to cut down on fees that parents have to pay, public schools could receive per-student funding based on current attendance.


Homeschooling is also OK with Betsy DeVos


Not all people are good teachers. They might be impatient, likely to punish learners for not catching on quickly enough, or simply not academically astute. By extension, not all parents are good teachers, either.


However, parents who are both interested in homeschooling their children and skilled at doing so should be allowed to teach their kids from home. DeVos believes that many parents, as mentioned above, are fed up with being forced to send their children to nearby, in-area schools. Rather than continuing to adhere to those unfair rules, parents should be able to take their kids out of public school systems and teach young ones themselves.


How did Betsy DeVos become an advocate for alternative forms of schooling?


As you probably know, Betsy DeVos is definitely not very keen on public schools across the United States. She first became an advocate for school voucher programs after finding out how difficult it was for low-income parents to pay for their kids’ tuition at private schools when she sent her own kids to private school and discussed such issues with her peers.


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OSI Group: In the Swing of Things

OSI Group is by far one of the top foodservice providers in modern-day society. The Aurora-based food giant has simply taken over the game in more ways than one. OSI Group can easily handle every aspect of the industry. This includes distribution, development, sourcing and processing. The company also has well-over 20,000 employees, and these employees work in up to 65 facilities. The facilities are state-of-the-art thanks to their use of advanced technology. It would be very hard trying to find another foodservice provider that possesses this much clout. Let’s take a closure look into why OSI has become an industry giant.

OSI Group’s success has come from multiple avenues, including leadership and capability. The company can produce a wide variety of foods such as onions, fruits, pasta, tomatoes, fritters, cooked sausage links, beef patties, hotdogs, turkey products, cucumbers, cheese, soups, chili, desserts, pot roast, flatbread, fresh dough products, pizza and many more products. In addition to that, the company does an amazing job with developing custom foods. Yes, OSI is a wonderful custom-foods provider, and it has a brilliant resume that will backup all claims. The company’s R&D specialists do a phenomenal job of working with the clients during this process. The client’s ideas have a high-likelihood of becoming a reality.

OSI Group started out as a small meat locker in the Oak Park area of Chicago. During this time, the tiny business was known as Otto & Sons. Thanks to its ability in providing the finest of meats, it quickly began to make a name for itself through the Chicagoland area. As of today, OSI Group has built facilities all across the US in Utah, Illinois, California, Iowa and Wisconsin. What more could anyone ever ask for from a food provider? Of course, this only scratches the surface to how great this food juggernaut truly is.


Flavio Maluf Leads Global Business In Green Practices

As the son of a well=known politician in Brazil, Flavio Maluf is no stranger to politics. While he may not have taken the same road as his father, running a business of any size doesn’t come without its fair share of necessary political engagement. As the CEO and president of the Eucatex group, the political savvy he learned from his father stands him in good stead.

The Eucatex group is a family enterprise and has been since 1951. The company specializes in building supplies with a special focus on laminate and vinyl products such as floors, baseboards, wall partitions, panels and doors. The company builds the products – along with other items such as furniture and toys – from the wood of the eucalyptus found so abundantly in Maluf’s native Brazil. Find out more about Flavio at

Maluf attended the FAAP (Fundação Armando AlvaresPenteado, Brazil), where he obtained a degree in mechanical engineering. Later, he attended New York University where he also obtained a degree in business administration. Between his political knowledge and business savvy, Maluf has built Eucatex into a powerhouse international business that ships and sells their products across the globe. Maluf did not go immediately into the family business, but rather worked first for a number of other companies such as Citicorp. He felt that experiences like this would best prepare him to lead his family’s business one day.

In spite of the lack of governmental environmental regulations in the 1950’s, the company has always prided itself on adhering to a number of environmentally friendly production practices. Among these were becoming the first business in South America to incorporate recycling into their production process. The company even built their own recycling plant that takes leftover wood to convert for use as a source of energy. Flavio Maluf has made it his mission to continue these types of practices and become a leader in green manufacturing practices in Brazil and beyond.

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The Power Moves of Francisco Domenech

Francisco J. Domenech, Esq. is the managing partner of Politank, a government affairs law firm in Puerto Rico. Politank is a bipartisan political consulting and lobbying firm. They create strategies for private interests’ dealings with government. Mr. Domenech was born on April 29, 1978 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and he spent some of his youth in Ocala, Florida. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Puerto Rico. Mr. Domenech continued his studies at the University of Puerto Rico Law School and obtained his Juris Doctor degree in 2003. Read more about Francisco Domenech on Crunchbase.

Early in his career, Francisco Domenech served as chief legal counsel for the President of the Puerto Rico Senate. In this capacity, he managed all in-house counsel work. He represented the Senate’s interests before the courts and supervised outside counsel and federal lobbyists. He participated in a rare en banc hearing before the Court of Appeals on the Senate’s behalf. Mr. Domenech was also a former Director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico. During his three year term, he managed a budget of $11 million and achieved surpluses every fiscal year.

Francisco Domenech is very active in the political arena and has a history of campaigning and fundraising. As the President of the Puerto Rico Young Democrats, he supervised a team of 14 young professionals on the presidential campaign trail of John Kerry.

He is a former superdelegate to the 2008 and 2012 Democratic National Committee and has served as a National Committeeman for the Young Democrats of America. He was appointed by Senator Hillary Clinton to co-chair her presidential campaign’s national network of young professionals and students. Mr. Domenech has coordinated many fundraisers and he served on the National Finance Committee for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He was her top fundraiser from Puerto Rico.

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Alex Hern’s Successful Life as an Entrepreneur

Alex Hern is a specialized entrepreneur who specializes in the development of insipient companies and the genesis of technology companies. For over 25 years, Alex Hern has had much success doing such and his resume is quite impressive. He co-founded and served as Director of Inktomi, Yesmail, Arcsight, and CloudShield. Alex Hern also co-founded and served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Military Commercial Technologies. Moreover, Alex Hern founded and served on the Boards of and Triton Network Systems. Visit to know more.

A typical day for Alex Hern is to devote 4-5 hours to the concentration of the one thing that will enable him and his company to leap ahead and/or attain their goals. He firmly believes that his ability to focus on his goals has made him the successful entrepreneur he is. Alex Hern believes that staying focused on your goals is vital to the successful attainment thereof. However, actually doing so is very difficult as people have a tendency to multitask, even in the face of evidence suggesting that multitasking is unproductive. Alex Hern also brainstorms at night to give rise to new ideas and innovations, while everyone else is fast asleep. Alex recommends that people turn off their phones 4 hours a day so that they may be able to better focus on their goals. Alex also recommends that everyone wake up early consistently every day.


Alex Hern’s idea for his founding of Tsunami was his realization that we have entered the spatial computing era, transitioning from the CPU-driven computer era to the GPU-driven computer era, and as a result, there will be an increasing demand for new software applications and platforms that could take advantage of the new capabilities brought into being by the new graphic procession. Learn more about Alex at

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