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George Soros’ Stunning and Enormous Donation worth Billions

George Soros is a famous man worldwide for his affiliation with numerous activities such as politics, finance, and mostly philanthropy. He is a highly talented and skillful hedge fund manager. George is also among the top richest men in the world. According to a source that is The NY Times, George recently made one of the biggest wealth transfers of $ 18 billion to his Open Society Foundations. He was the first private donor to donate such an amount to go to a single foundation. Open Society Foundations currently takes the second position in terms of the amount of money the philanthropic organization is worth in the United States. The first place goes to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

George Soros started the Open Society Foundations in 1979 that is more than three decades ago. The foundations are committed to enhancing democracy by advocating for human rights which they have nearly accomplished in more than 120 countries. Open Society is also investing in several programs to help fight for gay and lesbians rights as well as reduce police brutality in the United States. Such actions have strengthened its presence in the United States. Under Soros’ leadership, the organization has aided many people over the years especially victims of any discrimination.

Open Society Foundations also provided funds to go to various treatment centers during the Ebola outbreak that took place in 2014 as well as a Roma art and culture center. During the 2016 election in the United States, George gave $10 million to promote peace by preventing the hate crimes. Mr. Soros is well-known for his massive involvement in political causes. In the 2016 presidential elections, George committed huge amounts of cash to go to Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and others. He funded campaigns that were against Donald Trump. In 2014, Soros funded groups that were against George Bush re-election in the United States. Know more on about George Soros.

Mr. Soros philanthropic work is inspired by his experience as a child. According to the Business Insider, George is originally from Hungary, and as a boy, he experienced discrimination during the Nazi period because he was from a Jewish family. Luckily, George and his family survived the war that claimed over 500,000 lives of Hungarian Jews. Soros’ father purchased false identification papers with Christian names to hide their true religion. The idea helped save George’s family as well as many other families in Hungary. In 1947, George left his birthplace and moved to London. Read more on Fox News about George Soros.

While in London, George Soros decided to join the London School of Economics. To support his education, George had to work as a railway porter during the day and as a waiter at night. Fortunately, in 1951 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy. George did not stop there, and in 1954, he got a Master of Science in philosophy. To start off his career in finance, George secured a job at a merchant bank in London. Soros later moved again to the United States to continue with his career. In 1992, George Soros was recognized as the man who broke the London Monetary System by betting against it and earning massive profits worth $ 1 billion.


Personalize E-Commerce with AI Technology

E-Commerce platforms and sites have provided the entire world with one big shopping mall, and AI, or Artificial Intelligence, Technology makes it that much more personalized. Think of it as the difference between buying off-the-rack and having a suit or gown custom tailored to fit your form. In other words, it is an entire shopping mall with nothing but customized options available from which to choose. Talk about a luxury experience.

Item Categorization with AI

By giving Artificial Intelligence control over personalized e-commerce platforms, you can provide customers with insanely high level purchasing options. Size, width, length, color, fabric, fit, drape and flair are just some of the options available, and that only applies to clothing. Think of the options available for electronics, mechanized vehicles, and many other easily interchangeable manufactured options.

In addition to this, Sentient AI can provide “recommendations” to narrow down the options available to potential customers. By showing size, shape, and color recommendations based upon the AI’s knowledge of each individual user, customers can avoid the lengthy hassle of “not knowing what they want because of too many options.” This is an invaluable service on behalf of both the seller and the buyer.

AI Improves Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization can be further customized to include options which each individual buyer feels would best fit his or her style. This opens up the whole world of possibilities to less-than-experienced online shoppers. For someone who is not experienced at picking out clothing colors, sizes and styles which would suit them, AI technology can narrow down the field in search engines to options which would actually best fit the shopper in question. This brings online shopping out of the 90’s and into the 2020’s. View Sentient’s profile at

Bringing AI to the Current E-Commerce Platforms

Current e-commerce platforms from all of the big name e-commerce sites are already using beginning AI technology. Sentient AI is bringing the picture to a whole new level. When people think about internet shopping in the future, it will no longer be a time of raised stress and frustration at sending items back. Thanks to AI, e-commerce can go the way of the smartphone, i.e. where it is so friendly that now 80-year-old men and women are commonly using it.

Personalized e-commerce success is possible with Artificial Intelligence and everyone will be happy for it to arrive. Ease of use, personalized care, and perfect fit and fun are a few guarantees offered from the rising sun.

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Mike Baur has shaped the tech entrepreneurship industry through Swiss Startup Factory.

The famous Swiss entrepreneur and businessman is a former employee of Union Bank of Switzerland and Clariden Leu banks. He built his career from an apprentice at the Union Bank of Scotland to a senior banker at Clariden. One thing which is different in Mike’s career from the rest is that he entered the industry at an early age of 16 and not many starts working that young. While working at Union Bank of Scotland, Mike used to help the wealthy Swiss investors and the wealthiest people in Switzerland to make excellent financial decisions. After working in the banking industry for over two decades, Mike Baur teamed up with Max Meister and Oliver Waltzer to form Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 at the age of 39.

Coincidentally, Max was his fellow graduate from Bern University. Swiss Startup Factory is the top privately owned Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. The country is a rapidly growing innovation hub, and that gave the trio the benefit of the doubt to start Swiss Startup Factory. The primary objective of starting the program was to mentor, train and fund upcoming investors to achieve their business goals. The training involves a three-month course under the Startup Accelerator Program. The startups are educated on ways to invest, market and also seek to fund their projects. They mentor each other through sharing of ideas in tech entrepreneurship. Two years later, Mike founded Think Reloaded which he uses as a platform of offering financial advice to clients.

He was later appointed the MD of CTI Invest after the Swiss Startup partnered with CTI. The two companies collaborate in all training programs and in arranging the annual Swiss Startup day. In July 2016, Swiss Startup partnered with B4 a valuation company which estimates the monetary value of intellectual property, inventions and ideas. These partnerships were anchored by the leadership of Baur who explains that the word Factory in the company’s name represents hard work. The people involved in the incubator worked hard to elevate the firm to the country’s top accelerator business. Baur insists that young entrepreneurs must work hard to achieve their goals.

The startups’ incubator that Mike Baur runs is a factory for some of the best startups business in Switzerland. Startups offer alternatives to the solution that big corporations offer. In the future, Mike Baur predicts that some of the startups we see today wil be battling with the big corporation. Over time they will grow to become multinationals.



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End Citizens United Role In Politics

End Citizen United has a duty to see that big money does not play part in politics once and for all. It is also there believe that the country’s entire political system is not autonomous, thus it is their role to mend it. For them to realize their objective, they intend to support democrat be elected to Congress who will in turn advocate for finance reform. End Citizens United will also take part in the state elections, something that will give them the opportunity to influence pro-reform measures. The main agenda of the group is to educate the citizens on the effect of money in politics.

One of the explanation that the group gives to the re-evaluation of the campaign finance rules is interference from foreign government. According to the reports, it is stated that a foreign country purchased ads on Facebook for the purpose of influencing the elections. End Citizen United views that it is not only about the foreign government interference but also some billionaire or large corporations that may choose to side with the politician and influence the whole process.

End Citizens United report that Russia troll farm had $100,000 invested in Facebook ads, they further explain that they are not certain on how much Russian money was spent on the ads. They view that law agencies are not doing enough to end such like activities.

Read more: End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules

End Citizen United usually endorse and financially support political candidates who hold the same views to those of the organization of prioritizing people in politics since the 2010 Supreme Court ruling. The group has announced that it will support Randy Bryce for Congress. It is the hope of the organization that if their endorsed candidate is elected, then major changes are going to take place in a number of legislative initiatives.

Randy Bryce was endorsed on the fact that not only is he running on a platform that stresses on campaign finance reform, but on the overturning of the United specifically. Though many people, it is there the first time they have heard about Randy Bryce, in Wisconsin is a well-known person. He has run three times for the following seats; in 2012 state assembly seat, in 2013 primary for Racine County Board of Education and state senate seat in 2014.

End Citizen United was established on March 1st, 2015. It is a Political Action Committee sponsored by grassroots donors. It is dedicated to counter terrible effects of Citizen United and bring reforms in the campaign finance system. The organization creates its awareness to candidates, voters and even press that the grassroots are playing their role against the billionaires who are trying to influence the elections. Therefore, this will be of great importance in coming up a broad coalition that advocates for campaign finance and pushing lawmakers to take action.

Russians Weren’t the Only Meddlers in the 2016 Election According to End Citizens United

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