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Organo Gold: FENIX DX

There is nothing quite like detoxifying your body. Detoxification has many positive effects on the body that all range from greater energy, more productivity, and an overall better feeling of heath.

For many though they think they have to visit a rehab or a detox spa resort. Luckily though thanks to Organo Gold’s Fenix DX you have the power of detox right in the comfort of your home.

Offering a superlative tase that will satisfy your tastebuds this detox powder is incredibly beneficial for those looking to get their body detoxed. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Organo Gold FENIX DX

Support your body and our health with this incredible all-natural detoxification drink mix. All natural and caffeine free.

There is nothing you can be given better than having a clean bill of health and with this detoxification mix drink that is exactly what you will receive. This mixed drink defends your immune system and supports your overall health in the process. Follow Organo Gold on

What is the Mix Made Of?

The key ingredients in this mixed drink are powerful antioxidants such as bilberry, the very famed acai which has become a very popular diet and mind supplement and blueberry.

In addition to the antioxidants are Vitamin B, which greatly assist in energizing the body and mind. The mix is also packed with chamomile extract. This ancient herb is excellent for your overall health.

Lastly, the mixed drink includes Ganoderma mushroom powder. This is mushroom powder helps to maximize your overall health.

How to use?

It is fairly simple to use. All at is required is that you open the packet place it is water, preferably, in a bottle and shake the bottle.

This is an amazing mix that will greatly benefit your overall health. There is nothing that could be better than a clean bill of health.


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John Dondero

John Dondero is an outstanding financial expert with over twenty-five years’ experience. Over the years, Mr. John Dondero has served on many boards as chairman and member. His inputs towards the growth of the companies that he has participated in are highly reputable. In the year 2009, Mr. John joined the Net worth, Financial group. Other outstanding positions he has held in large corporations in the United States include the job at LPL Financial services. He also had a short stint at an American private bank.

His education background dates from his years at the University of Toledo. Here he was able to obtain a bachelor’s degree. He is also a holder of a master’s degree from the University of Florida. He holds a wide array of licenses from accounting certification bodies. An example includes his financial planner certification. Others include series 66, 63 and 7 licenses. He also has certifications from the Florida Insurance company. Other include the coveted annuity licenses. Visit his website at

James Dondero remains focused on creating customized investment strategies for companies both in the United States and the world. He particularly insists that wealth creation should be unbiased. Further, John has put in strategies to ensure that his client’s wealth is built, protected and transferred as required and effectively. In a number of times, he has been able to exceed the client’s expectations. Read more about James Dondero on

He has an impressive social standing by the fact that he has been able to have a stable marriage. He has been happily married to his lovely wife Susie for the last 22 years. Amongst the activities, the couple enjoys doing together include traveling amongst others. They also love spending time with their lovely teenagers. John also loves reading, playing tennis and travelling as well.


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A Mighty Fortress Is Our Dream – A Dream to Share Worldwide

The world is filled with beautiful churches. Churches that cause your heart to beat faster and do flip-flops when you draw from them the emotional vision they project. Minnesota is no exception to this heartfelt emotion. Watch this video on Youtube.

Three churches that initially standout as captivating beauty are:St. Mary’s ChurchAssumption Catholic ChurchCathedral of St. PaulMighty Fortress Church Minneapolis, Minnesota — This is a remarkable house of worship. Led by Bishop Thomas Williams who is a highly respected minister of the Gospel dedicated to teaching the word of God. Bishop Williams is deeply involved in the church as President and Founder of the Mighty Fortress Church Ministries. Teaching Christian living and practicing the Christian way of life encompasses a multi-dimensional ministry of administering God’s Word around the world.

  • St. Mary’s Church – New Trier, Minnesota — This little church on the hill glistens in the sunlight as if it were speaking to the townspeople below. It represents structures of the early 1900s and is listed as a historic place and house of worship.
  • Assumption Catholic Church, Florian, Minnesota — This religious structure was rebuilt after a destructive file in early 1900’s. This church joins two intersections combining communities of people who settled in this area. It was originally built for the Polish immigrants who arrived in the Florian, Minnesota area and rebuilt in a Renaissance-style of brick and stone.
  • Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul, Minnesota — This magnificent structure has been claimed to be the most beautiful church in Minnesota. Its structure exhibits the French Renaissance hosting a dome in the center measuring 186-feet. The view looking at this dome gives the appearance of viewing the heavens and everything beautiful. A must see when visiting the Florian, Minnesota area.

Bishop Williams has a powerful connection to the people in his community and the congregation he touches with his authentic style of worship throughout the world, and connects people of all ages, ethnicities, and break down the social boundaries that inhibit communities. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Bishop Williams focuses on everyone in his congregation and makes himself available to everyone in need, prayer, and God’s word.


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