Month: February 2018

As An Executive At GSH Barbara Stokes Is Making A Difference In Disaster Relief

Barbara Stokes is a driving force in Alabama’s Green Structure Homes. GSH is based out of Huntsville, Alabama and takes disaster management seriously. Barbara has a lot of experience in this area. Her leadership has been responsible for contracting activities and propelling great organizations forward. FEMA set the standards for a mission. GSH supported this mission 100 percent. This was to make certain the strategies achieved by the community make a significant difference. Read more about Barbara Stokes at


GSH has been given the responsibility to complete a wide range of activities. This includes on-site construction, building, delivering, designing and following through concerning beneficial activities. The organization caters to commercial and residential structures in Northern America. GSH is vocal regarding the projects they manage. For almost thirty years their engineering activities have remained independent. This continues to be achieved because Barbara Stokes is involved with the planning, installation, development, foundation and inspection of these commercial and residential structures.

Barbara Stokes has been serving the company for approximately six years as the Chief Executive Officer. She first stepped into the position in 2011. Barbara attended Mercer University with her focus on biomedical engineering. She was taught numerous and important skills including construction, project management, government contracting, project engineering and manufacturing. Her education combined with her natural leadership capabilities have made a tremendous difference for GSH.


Barbara Stokes has served Green Homes Structures as an executive because she believes the company can make a difference regarding disaster management. Numerous individuals have experienced the benefits of Barbara creating employment opportunities in eight states. These job have provided benefits to the nearby and neighboring communities for the manufacturing department at GSH. The communities benefiting from her leadership skills include Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Virginia, Minnesota, North Carolina and Alabama.


Relief efforts receive support from GSH to benefit these communities. This is where homes have been destroyed by the hurricane. GSH helps the victims by building new homes. Barbara Stokes believes helping the local business in the area develop is the key. The owners of these businesses have been promoted because GSH purchases their products. The result has been new employment opportunities in these communities. These opportunities have been either directly or indirectly stimulated due to the projects of Barbara Stokes.

GSH has been instrumental in providing quality homes in an effort to help in the disaster relief. Their services have been offered to both government and private facilities. Their manufacturing techniques are making a tremendous difference. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

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