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Guilherme Paulus’ Investment Strategy

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most consistent investors within the Brazilian tourism industry. He has been investing in it since 1972 when he left Casa Faro where he worked as an airfare salesman to establish CVC. At the time he was only 24, but he was determined to make it in an industry that he realized held more potential than he had ever thought possible. He planned to begin his own travel agency which he did with the help of a partner who at the time also worked as a deputy in the organization. His dream would come true when his partner sold him his stake after four years and left him to run CVC on his own. The company, which started as a travel agency would soon transform into a tour operator in the process capturing the imagination of a country based on the diverse products it offered.

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Chairman of CVC, Guilherme Paulus knew that he needed to come up with products that met every client needs which would enable him to capture a wide range of clients. This would drive him to grow the number of stores and travel agencies in the country in addition to an online presence. His determination to have CVC on every corner of the country has enabled the company to capture at least three million clients every year. This was one of the main reasons the Carlyle group choose to invest. In 2009 they bought a controlling stake worth more than 400 million dollars.

This money would immediately make Guilherme Paulus a paper billionaire given his other investments at the GJP network, which owns more than nineteen hotels spread out in almost all categories. This is also in line with the strategy used by CVC. Guilherme Paulus has been able to guide the two companies to the place they are today through hard work and his belief in the power of innovation. He was at it again when he chose to build hotels near the country’s main airports just before the 2014 FIFA world cup began. The venture proved quite successful, and by 2016 when the summer Olympics came around, they were already well established.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Role in Bradesco Success

Most financial institutions have been having a rough time since the end of the financial crisis. Some of the institutions in this department have never recovered from the effects of the crisis, more than ten years after it happened. There are many investors who have lost trust in the modern financial institutions after this calamity. Investors realized that the financial institutions were not prepared for similar instances, and they started to invest their wealth in other departments. Brazil is among the nations that were badly hit by the financial crisis. Although the country had a very stable economy before the calamity, they were not well prepared to handle the changes that came later on. Most banks had to close down while others sought help from the government. Read this article about Trabuco at Estadao.

Bradesco is a Brazilian private bank that had very different results at the end of the crisis. While all the companies were registering losses, this company is believed to have realized great profits. The company invested its wealth in places that were not affected by the financial situation that hit the world so hard. Bradesco did not issue its loans to people who could not pay back the loans without difficulties. Bradesco has been commanding respect from all corners of the world because of its great performance during the tough financial times. The company, however, believe that the company president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been a prominent key to the achievements the company has registered.


Trabuco is not a stranger to the Brazilian economy. The businessman was born and at the same time raised in this nation. While growing up, Luiz Carlos Trabuco watched how the country was growing in its economy, and he had a rough idea about the different ways he could use to make things better. When Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined the bank many years ago, he was not aware of the many promotions that were ahead. The businessman worked hard to acquire the position he has been given at the moment. The board of directors made him the company president because they felt that he was well versed with all the activities that take place in the institution. Visit to know more about Trabuco.

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The RealReal Fashion World

The RealReal is a luxury fashion consignment website, with over 600 different locations around the United States that accept and ship products all over the world. Because of today’s technology The RealReal created both a mobile app and an Instagram page, to stay connected with buyers and sellers.

The RealReal was founded by Julie Wain Wright in 2011, a successful e-commerce entrepreneur who is the president and CEO of the company as well. The company has a history of making around $100 million and $1.5 trillion dollars in sales which amounts to a calculation of 100 billion a year. One the reasons why they grow so much is because of their strict no fake policy, and the professional treatment provided to the sellers as well. They supervise each item professionally by creating strategies like having a “Find the Fake” contest where participants get a price for identifying fake merchandise. The RealReal also has a physical location, a store in New York City for people in the area that would like a traditional store experience.

In this modern day and age the RealReal has a phone app available in app stores, including an Instagram page for the social media crowd. On Instagram, The Company uploaded a gallery of luxury fashion items, that all the followers can go through for fun, or to select the things they would like to purchase or sell. On their page they have pictures of all sorts of luxury fashion brands like Balenciaga bags, for women, Hermes bags, Gucci bags, Balenciaga shoes, and other name brands.

The RealReal Instagram page, also has other interesting subjects like fashion tips for women. For example, they have ideas like putting the picture of a woman dressed a certain way, so other women who love fashion can apply those styles and by getting instructions on how to match that woman’s outfit. Another example is, they have instructions on how to match a bandanna to a bag, and a picture of a female model wearing the outfit. The RealReal gets a lot of attention through their app, and obviously through their Instagram page, with all the followers, who obviously become new customers, or sellers most of the time.

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Why Jason Hope Pioneers Ant-Aging

Jason Hope, a philanthropist in Scottsdale, Arizona is pioneering the cause of anti-aging. His position on aging is that it will impact the lives of everyone at some point. He believes that the best approach to this health condition is to find a way to slow it down or reverse it. Giving of his own time and his own funds, he has partnered with the SENS Foundation to further the research on aging and how it affects the lives of millions around the world. Funding his vital work in 2010, Mr. Hope is confident that the answer is just around the corner. He chose to announce his generous contribution during an event known as “Breakthrough Philanthropy”.

There are many ways that Jason Hope plans to continue aiding in the researching and funding with the SENS Foundation. A part of this is encouraging those who have a strong influence within the community, such as politicians, business owners, and those who volunteer for such organizations. The Chairman of the foundation, Aubrey de Grey is committed to the research behind anti-aging. Along with Jason Hope, he also believes that it’s best to be proactive in your approach to aging rather than treating diseases of the aged once they occur. His research on aging has been focused on targeting the mitochondrial DNA, which significantly impacts the aging process.

Another cause that Jason Hope is committed to the Internet-of-Things. He believes that as the digital aged has evolved, everything has become wireless. He sees how this changes the ways we communicate as well as operate flights. Virgin Airlines has wireless planes from front to back, allowing for everything to be connected completely. The futurist believes that air travel can be improved using this concept. Nearly 40% of the budget for airlines is allotted now to making everything wireless.

Jason Hope’s focus on technology is just one small part of this idea, while his vision to make air travel safer is also on his mind. As technology evolves, it may be able to cut costs, making air travel more affordable and safer for passengers as well as for the airlines.

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Ian King and How Bitcoin Thrives

Muttcoin Goes to Market

Ian King shared recently in a Banyan Hill currency article three reasons why he believes it’s been possible for impossible to happen for Bitcoin. First, Ian created a scenario where he chose a random name for his own bitcoin (Muttcoin), since so many people just love their mutts. Them he gives a single coin to each of his friends and the permission to go out and spend these muttcoins anywhere they deem fit since it is backed up by Ian’ computer. Unfortunately, the local grocer or mega-chain store never has heard of Muttcoin before. No matter how much Ian told his friends it’s backed up by his word and his computer no one else seemed to care. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.


Ian King makes it clear to his readers that as silly as the above example is, that is exactly what Bitcoin did when it first started. Muttcoin possessed the same three things as Bitcoin:

Muttcoin and Bitcoin

  • Ledger-without centralized policy-makers
  • Cryptography (uncrackable/decypherabel)
  • Transactions (immutable)

Ian King goes on to make the point that he believes Bitcoin will continue to thrive is beccasue of all the impossible hurdles it has gone thru. At each turn of the ascending financial mountain(s) it has climbed it has been able to surmount the obstacles it faced.


The Hidden Value of Value Hidden

Ian King goes onto give an argument for the ongoing value of Bitcoin, which surged in only a few short years from $0.0001 to $10K. At its opening there were only a few digital wallets which held bitcoins, now there are an estimated 21M and could reach a 5B mark in the future. The miracle sauce suggested is people become silent or outspoken Evangelist of what they own or invest their lives in. And of course, the more value people place on something the more valuable ways they find of using these things.

The Value of Money

Ian King says the idea of the exchange between different cryptocurrencies is in finding enough people to believe that your form of money, say Bitcoin, is as equally valuable as their form of money, say Muttcoin, and that in exchanging these currencies with one another for what each agrees to be an “equal value” of goods by the other currency, makes these transactions meaningful for the two users of different currencies. Each party is willing to part with what they give equal value to in their currency, as the other is willing part with and held to be of equal value in thero own currency. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

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