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Ian King and How Bitcoin Thrives

Muttcoin Goes to Market

Ian King shared recently in a Banyan Hill currency article three reasons why he believes it’s been possible for impossible to happen for Bitcoin. First, Ian created a scenario where he chose a random name for his own bitcoin (Muttcoin), since so many people just love their mutts. Them he gives a single coin to each of his friends and the permission to go out and spend these muttcoins anywhere they deem fit since it is backed up by Ian’ computer. Unfortunately, the local grocer or mega-chain store never has heard of Muttcoin before. No matter how much Ian told his friends it’s backed up by his word and his computer no one else seemed to care. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.


Ian King makes it clear to his readers that as silly as the above example is, that is exactly what Bitcoin did when it first started. Muttcoin possessed the same three things as Bitcoin:

Muttcoin and Bitcoin

  • Ledger-without centralized policy-makers
  • Cryptography (uncrackable/decypherabel)
  • Transactions (immutable)

Ian King goes on to make the point that he believes Bitcoin will continue to thrive is beccasue of all the impossible hurdles it has gone thru. At each turn of the ascending financial mountain(s) it has climbed it has been able to surmount the obstacles it faced.


The Hidden Value of Value Hidden

Ian King goes onto give an argument for the ongoing value of Bitcoin, which surged in only a few short years from $0.0001 to $10K. At its opening there were only a few digital wallets which held bitcoins, now there are an estimated 21M and could reach a 5B mark in the future. The miracle sauce suggested is people become silent or outspoken Evangelist of what they own or invest their lives in. And of course, the more value people place on something the more valuable ways they find of using these things.

The Value of Money

Ian King says the idea of the exchange between different cryptocurrencies is in finding enough people to believe that your form of money, say Bitcoin, is as equally valuable as their form of money, say Muttcoin, and that in exchanging these currencies with one another for what each agrees to be an “equal value” of goods by the other currency, makes these transactions meaningful for the two users of different currencies. Each party is willing to part with what they give equal value to in their currency, as the other is willing part with and held to be of equal value in thero own currency. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

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Neurocore Offers Help and Advice When it Comes to Anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem for people. As a matter of fact, it is common for people to experience overwhelming anxiety to the point where they run the risk of breaking down. This is where they are going to need the help of certain people and offices who have a lot of experience with dealing with anxiety. Fortunately, Neurocore has some great treatments for anxiety. It also has a lot of advice on dealing with anxiety when it becomes overwhelming. These pieces of advice can be found on the website for people to read and even apply to their lives. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

One thing that Neurocore talks about is anxiety disorders. One thing that people need to do is differentiate between anxiety and anxiety disorder. Among the different types of anxiety disorders are generalized anxiety disorders and social anxiety disorder. Of course there are other forms of anxiety disorders that are worth learning about. However, these are the common forms of anxiety that people deal with. In order to treat these forms of anxiety disorders, it is important to find the cause of these anxiety disorders. They are not all the same for each case of anxiety disorder that people have to deal with. Read more about Neurocore at

In order to better manage anxiety, one of the best things to do is find the source of anxiety. Afterwards, focus on ways to handle the issue. When people think more about possible solutions and actions they can take, this brings anxiety down to a more manageable level. Neurocore has a lot of tips on how people can handle their own anxiety. Meanwhile, they also have their treatments that people can use in order to improve their levels of anxiety. Neurocore is also involved with the treatment of other disorders. People who are suffering from different personality and mental disorders can get specified treatment.


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Heal And Soothe; The Blended Joint Pain Reliever


It is factual that our bodies function through a series of connected tissues. For better functionality, every part of the body relies on the symbiotic relationship that coordinates the brain, the joints and the bones at the same time. With that in mind, it is critical to note that if one part of the body is injured, the full immunity can be weakened. In this article, the focus is on joint pain and bone degeneration. When the tissues are damaged for whatever reason, the body responds by releasing white blood cells. These cells serve as the healing component that prevents the release of harmful antibodies from the injured surface.


Learn more about The History of Supplements and the Rise of Heal-n-Soothe


The Preview


After the healing process, the body releases a component called fibrin. This component facilitates the healing process by sealing the injured surface. However, when fibrin is produced in large portions, it accumulates on the damaged surface. In return, inflammation occurs thereby leading to a condition often referred to as arthritis.


Heal and Soothe has been manufactured to handle this health issue by releasing instant healing properties to the damaged tissues.




As a blend of natural ingredients, Heal and Soothe has the capability to provide healing properties to the inflamed body parts. Besides, the composition of this product is unique in that it extensively provides relief to the injured part of the body. Coupled with its healthy ingredients, it is only natural for people with joint pain to invest in this product. When it comes to the primary components that make this product, here is a list of some of the most common yet too significant.


Heal N Soothe utilizes Systemic Enzyme Therapy by combining systemic enzymes with 12 of the most powerful natural pain fighters found in mother nature, including Turmeric, Bromelain, Papain, Boswellia, Rutin, Ginger, and more


Devil’s Claw Extract


Because many people are caught in between their stance on ordinary painkillers and natural methods of relieving pain, Heal and Soothe has settled for natural ingredients with the hope of allowing patients to recover from joint pain without worrying about the side effects of traditional painkillers. With that said, it has devil’s claw extract as a significant supplement. Since it is an inflammatory, the ingredient works on releasing positive effects to relieve joint pain. Find Related Information Here.




Papain is the unripe fruit in papaya. It is often used to tenderize meat and digest protein. With that said it is found in Heal and Soothe and is a primary immune booster.


The Outline


Additional ingredients that complete the composition of Heal and Soothe include ginger, a natural ingredient known for its healing properties, and rutin, another component known for improving blood circulation.


Read more about Health N Soothe on


Paul Herdsman Enlightens Entrepreneurs

In 2014, Paul Herdsman achieved his desire of owning a business. He had put together hard work and determination to set up Nice Global. He doubles up as the chief operating officer of the firm that is based in Jamaica.


Having spent most of his adult life away from home, he did not know much about running a successful business there. This did not deter him from going on with his plans. As it turned out, everything played out just as they had hoped.


Since its inception, Nice Global has made things better for numerous service providers. They have worked with clients to improve customer satisfaction. This they have achieved through company sales, technical support as well as back-office operations. They also provide live operators for different firms to improve general customer experience.


Paul Herdsman has always kept client needs in mind when coming up with solutions. He spelled out a number of factors that steered Nice Global to the top. Taking good care of your employees will yield amazing long-term results. They will show the desire to grow and this will enhance their service delivery. The sense of belonging for the employees will motivate them to step up their game and the results will show.


He also encourages entrepreneurs to invest in the training of their employees. Their productivity will increase. Train the new guys when they join and keep refreshing them to sharpen their skills. Read more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


Rewards for outstanding employees have had a positive impact on the overall performance of a firm. Emphasis should be placed on the quality of work rather than the quantity that is completed. Busy schedules don’t always result in better productivity. The ability to be efficient is what truly matters.


Herdsman also implores businessmen to have a good idea of what goes on in the different departments. They will be better placed in assigning duties and responsibilities. This should also extend to the other employees who will learn to appreciate each other.


Paul Herdsman studied at the Florida Atlantic University where he graduated with a B.A. He lives in Florida and is fascinated by innovation and technology in the business world. He enjoyed successful stints at JM Family Enterprises and iS3 before going out on his own. Refer to This Page on Bloomberg for related information on Herdsman.



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GoBuyside (NY)

Business today can be unpredictable. One day it can be booming, another day it can end with a crash boom, nothing is certain.

But while that may be true, it can also be true that your business can use proper I sight and foresight that is crucial to its survival, this is especially true about the kind of people you hire. Why is this so? Because the kind of persons you hire may well determine how long your business will or will not last. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

That’s why when it comes to finding quality talent, you need to choose GoBuyside. GoBuyside was started in 2011, and in the relatively short time it has existed it has won much acclaim and praise from Corporate America and abroad.

Like to learn more? Then go to GoBuyside’s trusted website and sign up, and you will begin to see how this dynamic company is helping thousands of businesses to survive in these tough times, when so many businesses need help.

GoBuyside specializes in hiring investment professionals to help manage investment and hedge fund firms to stay afloat; so many of such firms are going belly-up lately, and GoBuyside wants to make sure you are not next on the financial hit list. Read more about GoBuyside at

If you would like to learn more about how GoBuyside is helping companies, then go to and you see the 7 challenges recruitment firms often face when looking for top corporate talent.

It’s good to know that there are firms out there that are really concerned about the financial welfare of investment and hedge fund firms like yours and how they are providing the help such companies need, and they definitely know what is needed to help your company thrive and soar higher: you just need to hire the right type of people.

GoBuyside is waiting, waiting to show you the steps your company need to take to stay financially solvent and how your firm can stay in business for a very long time to come. And all you have to do is just sign up and you’ll be ready to get the top-tier talent you’ve been looking for.


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Larkin and Lacey: Voice to the Voiceless

On October 18, 2007, Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit agents were ringing the doorbells of two journalists: Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Both were involved in the Village Voice Media newspaper. Jim was the executive editor while Michael was the CEO.

The agents were on orders issued by Joe Arpaio, the then Maricopa County Sheriff. This was as a result of a piece that the duo ran on the Phoenix New Times, about a probe of a grand jury into the Village Voice Media’s Phoenix New Times. However, at the time, Lacey and Larkin were not aware that the grand jury had been looking into them.

Lacey and Larkin were both dropouts of Arizona State University. Lacey was formerly from Newark, N.J., while Larkin was a native of Phoenix. They both teamed up to head the Phoenix New Times, which was a campus weekly that was struggling to stay afloat.

Lacey became the executive editor while Larking led the advertising side. The free paper quickly grew an audience and went on to explore a range of social and political issues and gained acclaim among the country’s list of alternative newspapers.

Their arrest led to a public outcry, and this led to their charges getting dropped in 24 hours. The subpoenas, which were targeting the weekly’s writers, editor, and the readers, were also quashed and this brought the curtain down on the grand jury inquiry.

Later on, an investigation revealed that the warrants had been counterfeit, having been issued by a vengeful prosecutor, and who went past legal safeguards.

Arpaio was continually getting frustrated by the increased coverage that his law enforcement tactics were getting. Since his entry into office in 1992, his law enforcement tactics had always been overly aggressive. He was the pioneer of the infamous Tent City, a jail that was made to curb the overflow from the conventional facilities.

He also detained immigrants on suspicion that they were in the country illegally. He even encouraged his employees to carry on racial profiling Latinos and exchange them over to the immigration services.

Arpaio, of course, had his days in the chamber as a result of his activities. Before 2011, the matters were addressed severally behind closed doors. However, they all came to light after Arpaio was taken to court. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The lawsuit exposed the abysmal conditions of the inmates in Tent City, and this led to Arpaio getting charged with violating the rights of immigrant groups, especially Latinos. In spite of this expose, he remained adamant of the charges and continued with his practice until the cries of the people caught the reporters.

Lacey and Larkin went on to expose Arpaio on multiple occasions, and this led to their arrest. After their release, they filed a lawsuit against Arpaio, and this exposed even more information on his corruption and malpractices.

The suit was later settled for $3.7 million. They then used the money to found the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, whose aim is to distribute the money from the settlement among Latin-American groups across the state of Arizona.

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An In-Depth Look at the Lucrative Freedom Checks by Matt Badiali

Front Line Profits and Real Wealth Strategist editor, Matt Badiali has been in the spotlight lately courtesy of the success of his Freedom Checks. These Checks are simply a safe and secure online investment option. This lucrative option is a brainchild of Mr. Badiali trying to help America reach it’s sustainable energy goals. As an online investment option, the Freedom stands out because they give you the liberty of investing online safety without worrying about losing your investment. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

What makes these checks an investment?

Matt Badiali’s checks are investments directed into the energy sector primarily oil exploration. By putting your money in this platform, you are simply funding oil and gas exploration in the Permian Basin, the Bakken Shale, and the Marcellus Shale. You start receiving returns on your money as soon as after four months.

The fascinating character of the these kind of freedom checks is the low risks and high returns that this investment option offer. There are a total of 568 oil and gas exploration entities on this platform. Most of these companies pay up to 90% of their revenues to their investors. According to Matt Badiali, under this scheme, it is effortless for an investor to make over $100,000 a year out of a $1,000 investment. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Tax-free operations

The companies that issue out Freedom Checks for investment are known as Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. The “Statute 26-F” allows MPLs to run their operations tax-free. Despite this, MLPs should fulfill the following conditions:

– Processing, production, transportation, and storage of oil and gas should amount to 90% of their total revenue. All of this is from its operations within the United States.

– They should pay out their investors lucratively. The minimum payout is set at $124,000 per year. The payout should never go below this figure in any year.

Where an how to invest

According to Matt Badiali, you should only invest in MLPs that meet the above set regulations under the “Statute 26-F”. The company you invest in should pay you out at least $10,000 every month. Investing in these checks is as easy as investing in any other stock. You have to do your research thoroughly before investing any of the MLPs.

Mr. Badiali predicts that approximately $34.6 billion will be paid out in the coming 12 months to Freedom Checks investors. The investment gains according to Matt Badiali will range from 5.889% to 39.832%. Will you be part of this lucrative payout?


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Larkin & Lacey: Fighting the Human Rights Struggle

Protecting our basic human rights is more important than many people realize. Today we are seeing more people become involved as advocates than ever before.

Some are forming organizations in their local communities while others are standing up and speaking out towards the horrible injustice acts they are beginning to witness on a daily basis. One thing is good to know is that there are a lot of organizations out there that continue to fight and advocated for human rights on all levels. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

One such organization is the Coalition For Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) It was built in California to ensure opportunities specifically for immigrants and give them full protection. It’s formation was built on the law that made it illegal to hire undocumented immigrants by companies. It’s called the 1986 act, basically the immigration reform and control act.

Their goal has remained strong in making sure immigrants can live a decent life in America. They continue their focus in promoting and fighting for human rights overall, specifically for immigrants.

Next, is the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). It started way back in 1946 as a non-profit organization destined to educate and consult people within the United States. It has nearly 10,000 lawyers with additional legal professionals as its members. They have consistently represented immigrants in need of help as well as others.

Amazon watch is another popular group operating out of San Francisco. The organization is dedicated to working alongside environmental and indigenous groups helping with their common people rights and bringing awareness. The group solely come together directly after the huge development of oil and gas pipeline projects. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Facebook

One such notable group is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund. As the story goes Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey founded the Phoenix News Times along with the Village Voice Media.

As they held their positions as journalists they wrote about the atrocities happening to migrants and Latinos at the hands of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona. That particular story led them to a horrific arrest that occurred in the middle of the night with an invasion into their homes on October 18th, 2007.

The news media scooped up the story and many so knew of their imprisonment by this controversial sheriff. However, after a vigorous legal fight and getting freed from jail, both Larkin & Lacey decided to sue the county. They were known as upstanding journalists with respectful careers consistently defending the First Amendment. Their lawsuit brought about a $3.75 million-dollar settlement.

Once they won appeal, both men created what is now called the well-known Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund.

Its primary goal to advocate for civil, human, migrant rights including freedom of speech and encouraging civic participation in Arizona. It continues to make sure immigrant rights are heard and all injustices are attacked vigorously with the appropriate funds to combat a good legal defense.

Larkin and Lacey have been lead the way of forming an organization that protects the Latino citizens in their local area and State.

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Matt Badiali graduated from Pennsylvania State University with an Earth Sciences BS and from University of Florida Atlantic with a Science Masters in Geology. He stayed at the North Carolina University for 5 years working to earn a PhD until a friend showed him the way into finance in 2004. This friend had a Finance PhD and had approached him so that he could help him in developing methods that an average investor would use when investing. They were to come up with an investment advice that would be of advantage to an Average American. After going through and succeeding with their idea, Matt Badiali has never looked back on helping investors indulge in the best investments in natural resources, energy and metals. His loyal readers have always made huge profits in big numbers. Read this article at

Matt Badiali launched the Real Wealth Strategist in May 2017, a newsletter that is published by Banyan Hill. It has then gained a loyal readers network who look into accomplishing his recommendations on stock of natural resources. His knowledge and expertise in this area is from his many travels all over the world. He is also outspoken and does not shy from approaching experts when he has to. He has so far been to Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Switzerland, Turkey, Haiti, Singapore and Hong Kong. In this cities, he has visited so many oil projects, companies’ headquarters and mines all in search of the greatest ideas for investment.

Know more:

Matt Badiali has a craze on a metal that is believed to be Zinc. He calls it the Magic Metal claiming that it overpowers all other metals and it does not burn nor rust. This metal is used in the making of numerous products that are essential including, trains, cars, satellites and smartphones. It also is used in medicines in the treatment of many health conditions and diseases including depression, cancer and diabetes among others. His Magic Metal is worth so much maybe even trillions to the big pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer and Merck. According to the organization of World Health, this Metal will give so many people second chances of life. The only problem about this metal is that is quickly becoming instinct and new deposits of it are not being found. Its demand has currently outdone its supply leaving a huge gap in the market. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

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Mike Baur and His Successful Start-Up Company

Mike Baur Overview

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is a co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Startup Factory is a company that deals with the acceleration of entrepreneurs. They look for successful digital entrepreneurs to work with. The company was initiated in 2014. Prior to co-founding and managing Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur worked in the banking industry for more than two decades. Some of the banks he worked for include UBS and Clariden Leu. He transitioned into the start-up business by investing in start-up companies. Baur received credit from the Wall Street Journal during December of 2016 for his dedication as an entrepreneur.

Baur is based out of Zurich, Switzerland. He provides funding advice to potential investors. He has experience in funds and start-ups, making him a well-rounded investor.

During an interview with a Swiss media outlet, Bar stated that the best businesses start with a fantastic idea. He said that spontaneous ideas usually end of being the most successful ones. He stated that many people have good ideas, but they do not act upon them, therefore they do not generate success from those thoughts.

During the interview, Mike Baur said to trust within yourself and never be scared to fail. He advises entrepreneurs to ignore those who speak against one’s goals. He recommends sharing one’s idea to analyze the response amongst others. He pointed out that if goals are shared amongst trusted peers, they can become inspired, and can therefore help you achieve your goal. He says that creating a team around you that shares the same end-goal speeds up the process faster rahter than with just one person.


Baur and Meister

During a different interview, Mike Baur and his business partner Max Meister speak on the creation of their company, Swiss Startup Factory. Their company has helped many entrepreneurs with the funding they needed to strategically advance their businesses. The idea for their company was sparked from a noticeably missing link in the marketplace. They felt a company like theirs was needed to further entrepreneurs and investments.

The two partners describe their days as busy, full of meetings and interactions with entrepreneurs. They also commented on the vital importance of research analysis. They aim to spend a few hours a day with their market researchers. They firmly stated that a company needs to have a strong backbone foundation for success.