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The Fagali’I Airport – Book A Flight To Apia This Upcoming Season

The Fagali’I airport is your favorite little airport of Samoa. Located just a few minutes from the beautiful city of Apia – the capital of Samoa. Entailing, great customer service, a clean facility, on-time flights, sufficient traveling accommodations and much more. After a visit to the Fagali’I airport, who can ever forget it?

Located just a short bike ride from Apia. Apia is one of the highest rated vacation spots in the world. Filled with beautiful Samoan people of rich culture. Filled with beaches, fresh Samoan foods, dancing, parties, museums, shopping and more. The weather averages 85 degrees all year long and the scenery is amazing. During the winter time, Apia can get very busy with vacationers from all over the world. The Fagali’I airport is where the majority of Apia’s visitors land for a jumpstart into the city. This is where you’d get a first impression of the Samoan culture and community.


Customer service is a huge deal with the Fagali’I airport. Every customer counts and when you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a visit at the airport, you’ll know how? To give a brief description, a visitor arrives into a clean airport and is immediately greeted. If there is anything that the customer service representative can help you with, they will be more than happy to assist according to Meaning, if you need help carrying a bag, no worries. If you need an escort to a restroom, no problem. Need directions to a nearest hotel, guess what? directions are gladly given. The sky’s the limit and the extraordinary customer service staff at the Fagali’I airport will provide and are sufficient, to say the least.

There was a point in time when the Fagali’I airport was short on traveling accommodations. This was many years ago and was a rude awakening for the airport. Because of their lack, customers refused to land at the airport and boy did they lose revenue. They had to do something and do something fast. And, so they did. Today, the Fagali’I airport includes more than enough traveling accommodations for its guests to get around. Taxis, buses, shuttles, the list goes on. The Fagali’I airport is up and running very well and guests are completely satisfied with its business.

Book a flight to the Fagali’I airport today and take advantage of great ticket prices this upcoming season.

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