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Paul Herdsman Enlightens Entrepreneurs

In 2014, Paul Herdsman achieved his desire of owning a business. He had put together hard work and determination to set up Nice Global. He doubles up as the chief operating officer of the firm that is based in Jamaica.


Having spent most of his adult life away from home, he did not know much about running a successful business there. This did not deter him from going on with his plans. As it turned out, everything played out just as they had hoped.


Since its inception, Nice Global has made things better for numerous service providers. They have worked with clients to improve customer satisfaction. This they have achieved through company sales, technical support as well as back-office operations. They also provide live operators for different firms to improve general customer experience.


Paul Herdsman has always kept client needs in mind when coming up with solutions. He spelled out a number of factors that steered Nice Global to the top. Taking good care of your employees will yield amazing long-term results. They will show the desire to grow and this will enhance their service delivery. The sense of belonging for the employees will motivate them to step up their game and the results will show.


He also encourages entrepreneurs to invest in the training of their employees. Their productivity will increase. Train the new guys when they join and keep refreshing them to sharpen their skills. Read more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


Rewards for outstanding employees have had a positive impact on the overall performance of a firm. Emphasis should be placed on the quality of work rather than the quantity that is completed. Busy schedules don’t always result in better productivity. The ability to be efficient is what truly matters.


Herdsman also implores businessmen to have a good idea of what goes on in the different departments. They will be better placed in assigning duties and responsibilities. This should also extend to the other employees who will learn to appreciate each other.


Paul Herdsman studied at the Florida Atlantic University where he graduated with a B.A. He lives in Florida and is fascinated by innovation and technology in the business world. He enjoyed successful stints at JM Family Enterprises and iS3 before going out on his own. Refer to This Page on Bloomberg for related information on Herdsman.



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