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Oncotarget the future of health

Oncotarget is a company that does research to help cure and figure out causes of various types of diseases and health disorders. In November of 2017 oncotarget researchers found a molecular trigger for invasiveness in prostate cancer cells. Within the findings of this research oncotarget now has a better understanding of how cancer cells can move from one part of the human body to another. Also with further research on this matter it may lead to more effective cancer therapies in the future for people who struggle with cancer. One of the main reasons behind this critical research is that we all know how cancer is known for moving from one part to another creating multiple tumors. The goal of oncotarget is to eliminate the spread of the cancer cells if possible. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

On December 7 of 2017 oncotarget awarded four researchers at Frontiers of Cancer Science with grants so that they may further their research. Oncotarget is one of the world’s largest oncology research publications viewed by peers. The grants were awarded to four scientists to attend the Frontiers in Cancer Science 2017 conference. This was a big honor by oncotarget to recognize and award these dedicated researchers for their consent work towards cancer treatment. This is just one example of how oncotarget cares and are desperately trying to cure the terrible diseases we call cancer. Learn more about Oncotarget at

One of the main purposes of th Frontiers in Cancer Science meeting is to unite some of the world’s most talented and dedicated cancer researchers. Uniting these researchers is very important to keep the development of cancer research and science moving in a positive a forward direction. The entire oncotarget company stands behind it’s message and strong cancer research. Among the researchers awarded with these grants they each have their own field of cancer research study. These studies range from the impact of treatment of kidney cancer all the way to asbestos related cancer.

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