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EOS Lip Balms Give your Lips Health and Flavor

EOS stands for the Evolution of Smooth and rightfully so. EOS is dedicated to creating lip balms that are first and foremost, good for your skin, but they continue to take their products to the next level. EOS makes dozens of different flavors of lip balms to suit anyone’s taste, refer to Passion fruit, blueberry acai, strawberry sorbet, and passion fruit are just some of the bold flavors available. For those who want a more savory lip balm then vanilla mint or coconut milk might be more up your alley.

EOS lip balms are different than ordinary lip balms in that they are made of organic materials making them safe for your body as well as the environment. They are all-natural as well as gluten free, making them unique from the rest of the lip balms on the market. They moisturize and soften your lips for a lasting effect. This lasting effect ensures that you don’t have to constantly apply lip balm in your busy life. Read more news here on

ESO lip balms are perfect for the environment conscious person who is always on the go. Made with ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E, EOS lip balms will heal dry and cracked lips while giving your taste buds life with the varying flavors available. These lip balms are unlike any that you will come across so order yours today! Shop here now!


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