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Waiākea Prides Itself as Being Part of the Solution to Global Water Crisis Through its Conservation Efforts

The global water crisis stems from our incapability to effectively balance human needs with that of the natural world. Most water-related maladies are rooted in our abuse of water resources, characterized by incompetent management systems, under-investment in our natural water resources, inadequate economic incentives, failure to apply modern technologies, and obsolete mindset that is focused on exploiting and developing new water supplies—to the exclusion of natural conservation measures.

One company that has been doing things differently is Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Since its inception, the company has worked to identify the issues facing global water resources and find solutions that not only promote sustainable management of natural water resources in Hawaii but also globally.

Waiākea is guided by one of the most significant pillars of the Hawaiian culture, the practice of “Malama i ka aina” (or the respect and utmost care for the land). Since nature provide them with food, clothing, tools, housing, canoes, and musical instruments, Hawaiians believe that it is their responsibility to protect and conserve the environment. It is this belief that Waiākea’s Water conservation efforts are based.

In particular, Waiākea’s water and environment conservation efforts encompasses using sustainable fresh water sources, capitalizing on green shipping, and participating in a number of reforestation and carbon emission offsetting initiatives. These are some of the factors that prompted Carbon Neutral to certify the company as a global leader in the bottled water and beverages industry.

Additionally, the company uses 100% RPET bottles, which are post-consumer recycled and come with a plethora of environmental benefits, including utilizing 85% less energy in their manufacturing processes, using 90% less water, and reducing harmful carbon emission by over 90%.

About Waiākea Water

Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic water originates from the Big Island’s Mauna Loa Volcano, and is filtered through long stretches of porous volcanic rocks to produce one of the most delicious, healthy, and electrolyte rich waters globally. The company was founded in 2012 as the first volcanic water brand to implement a triple bottom-line strategy grounded on health, sustainability, and ethical initiatives. Going forward, the company’s focus is not only on innovating its own products, but also that of the entire water industry.