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The RealReal Fashion World

The RealReal is a luxury fashion consignment website, with over 600 different locations around the United States that accept and ship products all over the world. Because of today’s technology The RealReal created both a mobile app and an Instagram page, to stay connected with buyers and sellers.

The RealReal was founded by Julie Wain Wright in 2011, a successful e-commerce entrepreneur who is the president and CEO of the company as well. The company has a history of making around $100 million and $1.5 trillion dollars in sales which amounts to a calculation of 100 billion a year. One the reasons why they grow so much is because of their strict no fake policy, and the professional treatment provided to the sellers as well. They supervise each item professionally by creating strategies like having a “Find the Fake” contest where participants get a price for identifying fake merchandise. The RealReal also has a physical location, a store in New York City for people in the area that would like a traditional store experience.

In this modern day and age the RealReal has a phone app available in app stores, including an Instagram page for the social media crowd. On Instagram, The Company uploaded a gallery of luxury fashion items, that all the followers can go through for fun, or to select the things they would like to purchase or sell. On their page they have pictures of all sorts of luxury fashion brands like Balenciaga bags, for women, Hermes bags, Gucci bags, Balenciaga shoes, and other name brands.

The RealReal Instagram page, also has other interesting subjects like fashion tips for women. For example, they have ideas like putting the picture of a woman dressed a certain way, so other women who love fashion can apply those styles and by getting instructions on how to match that woman’s outfit. Another example is, they have instructions on how to match a bandanna to a bag, and a picture of a female model wearing the outfit. The RealReal gets a lot of attention through their app, and obviously through their Instagram page, with all the followers, who obviously become new customers, or sellers most of the time.

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