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OSI Group: In the Swing of Things

OSI Group is by far one of the top foodservice providers in modern-day society. The Aurora-based food giant has simply taken over the game in more ways than one. OSI Group can easily handle every aspect of the industry. This includes distribution, development, sourcing and processing. The company also has well-over 20,000 employees, and these employees work in up to 65 facilities. The facilities are state-of-the-art thanks to their use of advanced technology. It would be very hard trying to find another foodservice provider that possesses this much clout. Let’s take a closure look into why OSI has become an industry giant.

OSI Group’s success has come from multiple avenues, including leadership and capability. The company can produce a wide variety of foods such as onions, fruits, pasta, tomatoes, fritters, cooked sausage links, beef patties, hotdogs, turkey products, cucumbers, cheese, soups, chili, desserts, pot roast, flatbread, fresh dough products, pizza and many more products. In addition to that, the company does an amazing job with developing custom foods. Yes, OSI is a wonderful custom-foods provider, and it has a brilliant resume that will backup all claims. The company’s R&D specialists do a phenomenal job of working with the clients during this process. The client’s ideas have a high-likelihood of becoming a reality.

OSI Group started out as a small meat locker in the Oak Park area of Chicago. During this time, the tiny business was known as Otto & Sons. Thanks to its ability in providing the finest of meats, it quickly began to make a name for itself through the Chicagoland area. As of today, OSI Group has built facilities all across the US in Utah, Illinois, California, Iowa and Wisconsin. What more could anyone ever ask for from a food provider? Of course, this only scratches the surface to how great this food juggernaut truly is.


Jay-Z Knows How to Party It up for Og Juan Perez’ 50th Celebration

Juan “OG” Perez is the leader of Roc Nation Sports, a sports management agency powered by Roc Nation. Roc Nation is one of the few companies owned and operated by rap megastar, Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter. OG Juan’s friendship with the rap mogul started a little over 20 years ago. He met the rapper through one of the founding members of Roc-A-Fella Records, JAY-Z’s first-ever record label. OG Juan shared that he felt an instant click as soon as he was introduced. The two both came from New York City, and have shared a strong bond over its quality food, nightlife and sports. This year, as soon as OG Juan hit the age of 50, JAY-Z made sure to celebrate his birthday like there was no tomorrow.

The hip-hop icon, who ended up dropping around $113,000 by the time the birthday weekend was done, and made headlines after one of his bar tabs went viral. Og Juan and his wife Desiree Perez, along with several other of their closest friends, were all treated to a fabulous night out that ended at the Playroom Lounge in New York City. Throughout their visit, JAY-Z bought 40 bottles of very expensive champagne, and one of the servers had posted the bar tab on their social media. The infamous tab revealed that he had spent a total of $74,000 in bottles of Ace of Spade Rosé and Ace of Spades Gold, the additional tax totaled $6,035 and an $11,000 tip all contributed to the grand total of $91,000.

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Sheldon Lavin Awesome Leadership Traits

Sheldon Lavin is a very experienced food production expert and has a lot of decades of experience in the field industry. He is famous from across all parts of the world because of his contributions. A great genius who has inborn qualities of a great leader. He is always passionate about career growth and is also a great expert in his industry. He has been the chairman and the CEO of OSI Group which happens to be one of the largest companies in the world. In short, he is also one of the best Chief Executive Officers in the industries we operate in. His span of experience is from the year 1970 when he first joined the company as an advisor.

Sheldon Lavin happens to be a true definition of a hard working and an ambitious person. He has grown from a simple hamburger person into a great brand in the industry. He has also been in the banking and consulting industry in Chicago and thus possessing great exposure in his career. Sheldon lavin happens to be a true definition of a greater worker. All his skills have been transferred to OSI Group which was previously Otto and Sons. The company was previous family owned and had started very humbly as a retail meat seller. Later as a family business with retail and wholesale operations and then as a big brand in the World.

OSI Group is the umbrella company of several brands in the world. The are OSI International LLC and OSI Foods. The company today is dealing with the processing of foods in the proteins category and later distributing it to retailers and very small traders. It was founded in 1909 by one Otto Kolschowsky who previously worked as a small burger supplier. Today, it is on the list of the fastest growing private companies in America. They also have several roots in over 17 countries in the world and over 80 facilities. They have also managed to employ a total of more than 20,000 workers in the whole world. His leadership qualities are the ones propelling the company to greatness, and Sheldon Lavin has been on the frontline making sure he achieves great success.

OSI Group: Booming American Business in Meat and Food Retail

OSI GROUP is a company located in Illinois, United States of America. It deals with meat processing and food services. The company was originally founded in 1909 and has its headquarters in Chicago. Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, and his presence has been significant as the success of the business in different nations has scaled up. This company boasts of employing more than 20,000 subordinates who work in either the processing docket or the retail food slot.

The company has set a mark in the investment sector for it was named in the Forbes list among the top largest company as a result of the revenue it produces every year. It got into a licensing agreement in 1999 with Best Chicago Meat Company. This was because it had used the Glenmark brand all through its processing activity.

Over the years, the company has opened up different branches in Jordan and Wisconsin, a few to mention. OSI GROUP produces a large volume of private label brands of food and meat. With more than 65 facilities around the world, the company has made significant profits from the production industry. The company has been a meat supplier to the western fast food chains located in the Republic of China such as the Subway.

OSI GROUP success has been rated high leading to them winning awards for the management of health and safety risks as well as in environmental management. In August 2016, OSI acquired Baho food. Baho is a manufacturer of foods, meat, and snacks whose origin is Netherlands. Baho has engineered the broadening of OSI capabilities to offer best services in more than 18 countries.

OSI group has also bought the Tyson foods plant based in Chicago. With the increased evolved need of different customers when it comes to fast foods, the OSI team is experiencing a transition to becoming a mega industry in food and meat production. Through these achievements, OSI is achieving its vision in the supply of custom value-added food products globally.