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The Luxury Property Developments of Zeco Auriemo and JHSF

If you have an interest in Brazil’s world of luxury real estate, then the name Zeco Auriemo is one that you should be aware of. He has been leading JHSF quite well as its chief executive officer, and the board of directors also benefits significantly from his opinions as a chairman. When it comes to luxury properties, no company in Brazil does a better job than JHSF, and both the Cidade Jardim shopping mall and the Fasano Hotel are shining examples of this organization’s work.

Cidade Jardim is where some of the best luxury retail brands around have stores in Sao Paulo, and there are also special events held at this building. Not too long ago, there was an opening party for Rene Caovialla, which sells high-quality Italian shoes. Its founding father, Edoardo Caovilla, was quite impressed by the dinner that Zeco Auriemo held to celebrate the opening.

Brazil, however, isn’t the only nation getting to enjoy the efforts of Zeco Auriemo in luxury real estate. The United States is also home to one of his outstanding properties, and New York City is where this building was erected. The 5th Avenue luxury property is one of the most prestigious residential buildings in the area, and it appears that the property’s $32 million building budget was put to excellent use. the architect, Timothy Greer, created a stunning design for the building.

An exclusive, private airport in Sao Paulo is also the work of Zeco Auriemo, and its name is the Catarina Executive Airport. It has been in business for a few years now, and business jets like the famous Bombardier Global Express are easily accommodated at this property.