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Dr. Saad Saad Lifts the Pediatric Medical Sector a Notch Higher through Inventions.

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the few medical practitioners who has greatly contributed to the transformation of the pediatric medical sector. Having practiced the profession for more than four decades, Saad Saad has been able to identify the common and most prevalent challenges that have been facing the medical industry and tried to find initiatives to solve the problems. He obtained his medical education in Egypt at the Cairo University before leaving for an attachment in England. He later moved to the United States where he has been practicing medicine throughout his entire career. In the United States, Saad Saad has led several missions that have been geared towards assisting the young adults and children who require complex surgeries to survive.


Despite the operations being very expensive, Dr.saad has been offering the same services to the children from underprivileged families without any charges. These philanthropic actions have gone a long way in securing the practitioner a very good reputation in the industry. Learn more:


After the identification of the challenges facing the pediatricians, Saad Saad came up with inventions that have completely solved these problems. One of the challenges that had been hindering the smooth delivery of services by the doctors was the inferior quality of the endoscopes. These are instruments that the pediatricians use whenever they encounter cases of children who have swallowed indigestible objects that need to be ejected from the bodies without the use of surgeries. In such cases, the endoscope becomes necessary for the observation of the objects as the doctors try to remove them from the children’s inner parts. However, the endoscopes have lenses that enable the doctors to focus on the target objects. When the lens comes into contact with the body fluids, they tend to form some fog or mist that makes it quite difficult for the pediatrician to focus on the target object.


As a result, the medical practitioner is forced to keep stopping, often to erase the mist before they can continue with the operation. This was quite tedious and time-consuming, and hence Dr. Saad Saad decided to come to the rescue of his fellow doctors. In his invention, Saad ensured that the new endoscope is designed in a way that the lens never come into contact with the body fluids. Instead, they are covered in a way that any fluid that may accidentally contact the lens cannot form the unwanted mist and so the doctors can do their work smoothly. This invention has not been implemented by many medical facilities since the cost of developing the new endoscope has been quite high. However, Saad Saad has performed several operations with the gadget and confirmed its efficiency. Within the next few years, there is hope that the new technology will be adopted by the medical institutions worldwide to ensure maximum safety for the patients.

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