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Personalize E-Commerce with AI Technology

E-Commerce platforms and sites have provided the entire world with one big shopping mall, and AI, or Artificial Intelligence, Technology makes it that much more personalized. Think of it as the difference between buying off-the-rack and having a suit or gown custom tailored to fit your form. In other words, it is an entire shopping mall with nothing but customized options available from which to choose. Talk about a luxury experience.

Item Categorization with AI

By giving Artificial Intelligence control over personalized e-commerce platforms, you can provide customers with insanely high level purchasing options. Size, width, length, color, fabric, fit, drape and flair are just some of the options available, and that only applies to clothing. Think of the options available for electronics, mechanized vehicles, and many other easily interchangeable manufactured options.

In addition to this, Sentient AI can provide “recommendations” to narrow down the options available to potential customers. By showing size, shape, and color recommendations based upon the AI’s knowledge of each individual user, customers can avoid the lengthy hassle of “not knowing what they want because of too many options.” This is an invaluable service on behalf of both the seller and the buyer.

AI Improves Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization can be further customized to include options which each individual buyer feels would best fit his or her style. This opens up the whole world of possibilities to less-than-experienced online shoppers. For someone who is not experienced at picking out clothing colors, sizes and styles which would suit them, AI technology can narrow down the field in search engines to options which would actually best fit the shopper in question. This brings online shopping out of the 90’s and into the 2020’s. View Sentient’s profile at

Bringing AI to the Current E-Commerce Platforms

Current e-commerce platforms from all of the big name e-commerce sites are already using beginning AI technology. Sentient AI is bringing the picture to a whole new level. When people think about internet shopping in the future, it will no longer be a time of raised stress and frustration at sending items back. Thanks to AI, e-commerce can go the way of the smartphone, i.e. where it is so friendly that now 80-year-old men and women are commonly using it.

Personalized e-commerce success is possible with Artificial Intelligence and everyone will be happy for it to arrive. Ease of use, personalized care, and perfect fit and fun are a few guarantees offered from the rising sun.

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