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PSI-Pay, An Alternative Banking Wallet

The e-wallet or e-purse is brand new for the digital age. There are two basic models of e-wallet. The “American” model works on the assumption that someone wants to buy goods online. American payment society is different from British payment culture in that transactions are like for like. Account discretion and security would probably also house a loyalty program. If you buy something online, the merchant is going to present the buyer with a number of payment options including a wallet. To define an e-wallet, e-wallets allow storage of multiple credit card and bank account numbers in a secure environment, which does not require entering account information.

E-wallets allow for secure payments. There is no stored value, which means that a monetary value is stored on the credit card itself, these cards are not like debit cards where money is on the deposit with the issuer whereas credit cards have credit limits imposed. Having to buy something online means that certain merchants would include a wallet next to normal payment card options. The pay by wallet situation is settled by the wallet operator using a pre-agreed upon deposit option. Many organizations use a wallet to push through transactions.

Contact-less payments can also be made with a ceramic ring from a company called Kerv. The person wearing the ring can use money from a linked account to pay for goods or services. The ring is held six inches away from a merchant’s contactless card reader. Kerve Wearables successfully uses crowdfunding to raise the money that helped them develop that technologically advanced payment ring. The London-based firm broke records regarding their fundraising goals. PSI-pay has innovative payment structures that they rely on along with their service orientation to be “open-minded” and “responsive” according to Kerv founder Phil Campbell. Kerv rings, in addition, have multiple finger sizes when the user keeps in mind the purpose of the Kerve rings.


Mastercard approved the ring for use in 2017. The European wallet model, on the other hand, uses ATM access unlike American e-wallet systems, which are all online currency. The American e-wallet model, according to PSI-Pay, lends to finances and account discretion. E-money accounts are not allowed to offer credit because there is no overdraft. They are not allowed to allow interest to compound on outstanding account balances. Funds must be ring-fenced intractable, safeguarded under European Union deposit protection rules. The ‘wallet’ operator stores funds for future transactions or for multiple transactions.

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