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Why Jason Hope Pioneers Ant-Aging

Jason Hope, a philanthropist in Scottsdale, Arizona is pioneering the cause of anti-aging. His position on aging is that it will impact the lives of everyone at some point. He believes that the best approach to this health condition is to find a way to slow it down or reverse it. Giving of his own time and his own funds, he has partnered with the SENS Foundation to further the research on aging and how it affects the lives of millions around the world. Funding his vital work in 2010, Mr. Hope is confident that the answer is just around the corner. He chose to announce his generous contribution during an event known as “Breakthrough Philanthropy”.

There are many ways that Jason Hope plans to continue aiding in the researching and funding with the SENS Foundation. A part of this is encouraging those who have a strong influence within the community, such as politicians, business owners, and those who volunteer for such organizations. The Chairman of the foundation, Aubrey de Grey is committed to the research behind anti-aging. Along with Jason Hope, he also believes that it’s best to be proactive in your approach to aging rather than treating diseases of the aged once they occur. His research on aging has been focused on targeting the mitochondrial DNA, which significantly impacts the aging process.

Another cause that Jason Hope is committed to the Internet-of-Things. He believes that as the digital aged has evolved, everything has become wireless. He sees how this changes the ways we communicate as well as operate flights. Virgin Airlines has wireless planes from front to back, allowing for everything to be connected completely. The futurist believes that air travel can be improved using this concept. Nearly 40% of the budget for airlines is allotted now to making everything wireless.

Jason Hope’s focus on technology is just one small part of this idea, while his vision to make air travel safer is also on his mind. As technology evolves, it may be able to cut costs, making air travel more affordable and safer for passengers as well as for the airlines.

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