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Doug Levitt Observes by Greyhound

Doug Levitt, the singer-songwriter previously based in London, started The Greyhound Diaries about ten years ago. He has been traveling all over the United States in order to observe and gathering stories, songs, and memories from all the people that ride the bus. Since the people that tend to ride the bus are often in poor financial standing, Doug has exposed himself to their life and the struggles they must endure. Doug plans to use the Greyhound Diaries project as the foundation for EP recordings and a new web series. He got the idea from the WPA federally sponsored initiatives meant to paint the picture of the United States in its worst state. So far Doug has based two books and an entire website off his findings in his Greyhound travels.

In what seems like a lifetime ago, Doug Levitt was a CNN correspondent. He grew up in the public eye under his father Carol Schwartz, the former D.C. Republican Council member. When he returned from London, Doug grew more and more concerned as he watched the poverty numbers rising. In his heart, he felt he was an artist, but he wanted to use that talent to do something that mattered. He then had the idea to travel, gain knowledge, and bring light to the suffering that is going on around the world. Growing up in DC exposed Doug to such a wide variety of people from all walks of life. It is due to this that he did not feel content to sit by and watch this problem continue to grow.

During his time on the road, Doug was not so different from his bus riding comrades despite growing up as the son of a Councilmember. He was just a broke artist trying to get by. This is what allowed him to speak more easily with the others on the bus since they felt he was one of them. During his time creating the Greyhound Diaries, Doug has starting viewing people with a more open eye and he is now more aware of the different struggles people endure than ever before.

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