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Securus Technologies Confident in Their Edge Over the Competition

Securus Technologies’ CEO, Richard Smith, has issued a challenge he is confident about. His company, one of the leading providers of technological solutions for correctional facilities, has challenged rival GTL to a technology “bake off” to demonstrate which company offers the best services.


It seems that Smith has reason to feel confident. Over the last several years, Securus has been investing heavily in its services and programs for its clients. In March 2016, the technology company earned a letter of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Securus raised the bar further by earning an A+ rating from the bureau for their commitment to BBB principles:


  • Build Trust
  • Advertise Honestly
  • Tell the Truth
  • Be Transparent
  • Honor Promises
  • Be Responsive
  • Safeguard Privacy
  • Embody Integrity

Securus achieved their rating through investment in their product and customer service. They developed an internal customer service call center that Securus reports is 600 percent better in call performance metrics than GTL. They also have the largest VOIP platform for correctional facilities in the world and provide regular security updates. Their emphasis on in-house, rather than contracted services, is what Smith says sets Securus apart from the competition.


Smith and Securus management are familiar with the dated technology used by GTL, and feel sure it can’t match their own programs. Securus has shared that many customers who have switched to Securus from GTL report the technology options and customer service offered by Securus are a marked improvement from their experience with GTL.


It is unknown if GTL will take Securus up on the challenge. Smith notes that the smartest move may be for GTL to politely decline the invitation, and so far, that is what they have done.


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Securus Is Making Sure People Save Money

Securus is making sure people save money in a number of ways. To begin, Securus has put forth certain technologies in various jails where inmates can file paperwork electronically. This saves inmates a lot of time, and they have more time to work on getting a college degree and the like. Filing paperwork can consist of lawsuits or paperwork that needs to be filed by a certain time.

The jail is also saving a lot of money. They do not pay much for the technology offered by Securus. Furthermore, all of the devices from Securus are included with the package. Jails no longer have to spend money on paperwork. Jails can even put order forms on the devices provided by Securus. In regard to this, jails are able to use the money they are saving to make the jail a cleaner place for all of the inmates.

State officials everywhere are choosing Securus because they are making various states a much better place inside the jail and out. States are saving so much money that they are not only able to fix the jails, but they are also able to fix the actual city, too. On a daily basis, representatives from Securus speak with state officials. They want this technology in every jail on the planet. This is not because they want to become rich; this is because they want to make live easier for inmates all over the world.

Securus representatives do not stop with visiting state officials. On a daily basis they are getting permission to enter jails and speak with inmates. They explain to inmates why this technology will change their lives forever. They also demonstrate how this technology will work. They do this so that inmates know how to work the technology even before it arrives at the jail.


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