End Citizens United Role In Politics

End Citizen United has a duty to see that big money does not play part in politics once and for all. It is also there believe that the country’s entire political system is not autonomous, thus it is their role to mend it. For them to realize their objective, they intend to support democrat be elected to Congress who will in turn advocate for finance reform. End Citizens United will also take part in the state elections, something that will give them the opportunity to influence pro-reform measures. The main agenda of the group is to educate the citizens on the effect of money in politics.

One of the explanation that the group gives to the re-evaluation of the campaign finance rules is interference from foreign government. According to the reports, it is stated that a foreign country purchased ads on Facebook for the purpose of influencing the elections. End Citizen United views that it is not only about the foreign government interference but also some billionaire or large corporations that may choose to side with the politician and influence the whole process.

End Citizens United report that Russia troll farm had $100,000 invested in Facebook ads, they further explain that they are not certain on how much Russian money was spent on the ads. They view that law agencies are not doing enough to end such like activities.

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End Citizen United usually endorse and financially support political candidates who hold the same views to those of the organization of prioritizing people in politics since the 2010 Supreme Court ruling. The group has announced that it will support Randy Bryce for Congress. It is the hope of the organization that if their endorsed candidate is elected, then major changes are going to take place in a number of legislative initiatives.

Randy Bryce was endorsed on the fact that not only is he running on a platform that stresses on campaign finance reform, but on the overturning of the United specifically. Though many people, it is there the first time they have heard about Randy Bryce, in Wisconsin is a well-known person. He has run three times for the following seats; in 2012 state assembly seat, in 2013 primary for Racine County Board of Education and state senate seat in 2014.

End Citizen United was established on March 1st, 2015. It is a Political Action Committee sponsored by grassroots donors. It is dedicated to counter terrible effects of Citizen United and bring reforms in the campaign finance system. The organization creates its awareness to candidates, voters and even press that the grassroots are playing their role against the billionaires who are trying to influence the elections. Therefore, this will be of great importance in coming up a broad coalition that advocates for campaign finance and pushing lawmakers to take action.

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