Flavors For Your Lips

EOS ( Evolution of Smooth) has had many yummy and delicious flavors come out over the years. There are some that have stuck with their customers long after it’s been on their lips, as the flavors are so unique and inviting to try, click now. The price point for these lip balms makes them all the more tempting to buy and apply to those dry lips!


1.Lemon Drop with SPF 15

Price: $2.96 USD

No one can deny the bright and happy flavor and scent notes of lemons. Pair that with the moisturizing power of EOS lip balm and that makes for an undeniable treat.



Price: $2.79 USD

Get a little wild with this mix of berries and have those dry lips sing thanks to the moisture and flavor when applied.


3.Coconut Milk

Price: $2.66 USD

Who can resist the creamy goodness of coconut milk? Dry lips certainly can’t. Try this creamy lip balm for visibly smooth lips with a coconut scent. Buy here at ebay.com.


  1. Cherry

Price: $ 3.00 USD

This is not the average cherry flavored lip balm. This lip balm is 95% organic and touts 100% natural ingredients. Combine that with the intense cherry flavor and scent that radiates from this EOS lip balm, and that makes for some happily moisturized lips. More stories here on frenchtribune.com.


Evolution of Smooth widely known as EOS is the worldwide recognized personal care brand that incorporates natural and organic ingredients into many of its products. These personal care products are often used and sworn by among celebrities and television personalities. Founded in 2006, the company is just over ten years old and has a whole lot to show for.

Keeping in mind the pockets of its consumers, EOS is known to keep the price of its product affordable. Most lip balms can be purchased for around $2.99 USD. That’s a price that will make many pockets happy and lips moisturized.

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