Paul Mampilly: Apple Is Going Down!

Paul Mampilly has let it be known that he does not think that Apple is a good stock to invest in. In a video, he says that although Apple put out an iPhone X, there is not much difference between it and previous iPhones. Of course, there are improvements, but it is not as ground breaking as the previous new devices that Apple put out in the last decade, such as the first iPhone, the iPad, and the Macbook. That is why Paul Mampilly, who graduated from Fordham University, does not think that it is a wise idea to invest in Apple. Visit the website to learn more.

Apple is not being successful when it comes to their MacBooks either. People are now buying notebooks. Over half of primary education institutions are no longer buying Macbooks. Instead, they are buying Chromebooks. Chromebooks are easy to use devices that are produced by Google. They are light and they are fast. They are also very cheap and affordable.

Amazon is also getting ahead. People are becoming familiar with Alexa. What does Apple have to say for itself? It has not released anything groundbreaking for a while. It would be best to take your money out of Apple stocks and invest it elsewhere. Apple was the first to produce a voice recognition software when it produced Siri. However, how much has changed since then? Apple has not been improving Siri like it could have. Therefore, Amazon and Google have both been able to produce voice recognition technologies that are better.


Nobody is saying that Apple will suddenly experience a huge decline. However, it will happen slowly, says Paul Mampilly. You can see the warning signs already. Look at what happened to Radio Shack. Look at what happened to Blackberry and Nokia. Look at what is happening to Toys R Us. Just because something was big once does not mean it will be big forever. A time will come when its value will go down and it will become a relic of the past.

Paul Mampilly says that if you have money invested in Apple stocks, it is time to take the money out and invest it in other tech companies that are working on producing innovative products. Invest it in Amazon. Amazon is producing Alexa and Echo, which are both transforming the way people live their lives. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

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