Smooth and Tasty EOS Lip Balm

Lip balm is meant to soothe and smooth the lips, but the fact is, not all lip balms are created equal. One lip balm that is rising up above the competition is EOS “Evolution of Smooth” lip balm, because this smoothing lip balm features all natural ingredients, and it comes in a delightfully sphere-shaped case that easy to apply. Click for more news.

EOS USDA certified organic lip balm has a wealth of wonderful ingredients, including shea butter, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E, which is rich in soothing antioxidants. All of these ingredients work together to create a super scrumptious lip balm that is absolutely second to none!


A Wealth of Great Flavors

Sure, EOS lip balm goes on smooth and it soothes the lips wonderfully, but what about those flavors? There’s no question that this lip balm offers some of the tastiest flavors ever to be experienced on the lips anywhere! Learn more here on

Some of the tastiest flavors available from EOS draw from the real flavors of sweet, natural fruits. Blueberry Acai flavor comes in a blueberry-blue sphere, and goes on easy with the sweet, refreshing taste of these delicious berries. Pomegranate Raspberry comes in a balm encased in a pink/red sphere, and tastes as delicious as the berries themselves. Summer Fruit flavor comes in a strawberry red colored sphere, and it combines the delicious flavors of peach, strawberry and blueberry, all in one.

So, the next time your lips are in need of a lip-smacking and soothing treat, reach for a delicious sphere of EOS lip balm!

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