The Story of Historian Michael Zomber

One of the most well known historians on weapons is Michael Zomber. He has studied antique arms and samurai swords for four decades and has shared his knowledge to many others through the media. As well as being a weapons historian, Michael has been a filmmaker in which he made a documentary film about the samurai era. Zomber is also a writer who has written a number of screenplays and novels about the Japanese samurai era. While Zomber may be a weapons and history enthusiast he is also a well known peace activist. He is well aware of the devastating affects of warfare and often tries to participate in activities that prevent it. Zomber received a bachelor and master’s degree in English literature from the University of California Los Angeles and lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and two children.

Michael Zomber has been an avid collector of antique arms and samurai swords for forty years. With this collection he has gathered a considerable amount of knowledge and has therefore shared it to others through major media outlets such as the History Channel. As a result of his knowledge of these weapons he is among the most trusted individuals when it comes to learning about these particular weapons. His knowledge of these weapons gives much insight to those who are fellow weapons enthusiasts as well as collectors of antique arms and also individuals who are interested in the historical time periods of the American Civil War and the Japanese samurai era.

Along with being a weapons collector, Michael is an author and filmmaker. During his career he has written a number of stories in the form of screenplays and novels. In these novels and screenplays he has depicted a number of events that take place in the samurai era. These events usually consist of the armed conflicts that occurred in this time in history. Therefore the stories Michael has written have provided a number of people with some very intriguing depictions of one of the most unique times in history. These stories culminated in the making of a documentary film which Zomber was able to distribute via his film company Renascent Films LLC.

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